Three top security industry trends

As technology continues to improve, security continues to improve and grow as a field. With so many new security features currently on the market, it's imperative for business owners to equip themselves with tools made in the 21st century to defend against today's cyber-savvy criminals. For 2013, we see Real-time mobile streaming, Image quality and Cloud-based surveillance systems taking the lead in offering solution for our industry. Every modern company should use:

Real-time mobile streaming Business is becoming an increasingly mobile enterprise, so individuals looking to keep their business assets secure need to have security that is just as portable. As smartphones and tablets continue to take over the mobile market, trends show that more users will take advantage of being able to remotely monitor security feeds in real time. An on-board device wirelessly allows users to watch what's happening on their property from anywhere in the world. If he or she witnesses something unusual, new technology allows business owner to stream the video to a local police control center. Instead of viewing footage at a later date, authorities will be able to view the incident as it unfolds and be better equipped to approach the scene. Experts believe that this technology will become more concrete in 2013, as users around the country turn to mobile streaming for their remote surveillance needs.

Image quality Cameras with high definition and megapixel resolution have taken over the industry recently—IMS Research predictions show that in 2013, these high resolution devices will out-sell standard resolution cameras for the first time. By 2015, the report shows that more than 70 percent of all network camera shipments will include devices with megapixel resolution. This technological development will have immense benefits for the security industry, as videos with clearer resolutions can give business owners and the legal system more concrete evidence against any crimes caught on tape.Cloud-based surveillance systems Both Private and hybrid cloud computing is now being used in many businesses because it is a safe, secure way to share data within a company. IMS Researchers predict that in 2013, this technology may be leveraged for video surveillance as well. If a company's security cameras are linked to the cloud system, business owners will be able to connect to the device and view footage remotely, similar to mobile streaming. Due to the use of bigger laptop and monitor screens, IT managers can more acutely manage video surveillance systems.

Feb 4th 2021 A1 Security

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