Brands in the surveillance industry are constantly advancing their products to keep up with the most modern security threats and improve upon already valuable features.

What "Discontinued" means for Products

Brands in the surveillance industry are constantly advancing their products to keep up with the most modern security threats and improve upon already valuable features. Fortunately for homeowners and business managers, this means there will constantly be more sophisticated solutions to enhance a given security camera system. However, that also means that through advancement, each product found through A1 Security Cameras has a general lifespan before becoming obsolete to the next generation of products. Through this article, you will gain a distinct understanding of what happens around discontinued products, why they were discontinued, information surrounding discontinued software, and what to do when your devices are discontinued.

What happens when a product is discontinued?

When you find out or receive a notification indicating that one of the devices in your security camera system is discontinued, there is not any reason to panic. Simply put, a discontinued product means it is being replaced and is no longer supported as extensively, if not at all. Typically, this label means that the sales of such a product will soon be halted and that it will no longer be available for distribution or direct replacement.

When you shop through A1 Security Cameras, we implement a discontinued tag on products that apply to the description. We then either link to the next best replacement provided by the manufacturer or indicate the brand has yet to produce something that can fulfill its function as a replacement. Generally, the discontinued label means that the product will no longer be sold. However, in the rare examples where we still feature stock of any discontinued product, we will sell it until it runs out.

Why does a company discontinue a product?

There are multiple reasons any brand discontinues a given product. The same applies to any given example in the surveillance and security industry that features various parts for a more significant system. There are varying reasons behind such a decision, but they typically include:

  • Becomes obsolete
  • Lack of profit
  • Low demand
  • Unfixable shortcoming

As mentioned above, the surveillance and security industry is constantly producing the next most sophisticated solution for homes and businesses. In this regard, the general reason related products become obsolete is because of lack of demand or due to them becoming too old to compete. An excellent example of this can be seen in digital video recorders or DVRs. You will rarely find the first type of DVR released for security systems because they were replaced with more capable high-definition recorders.

How long should a security camera last?

Traditional security cameras are typically supported for several years, given their long working lifespans and effectiveness throughout. For example, analog security cameras are still widely supported throughout the industry with tech support even though they are technically considered the prior generation to modern surveillance. Furthermore, devices may be supported generations back, depending on the company.

However, like how older devices can become more expensive to retain, the same goes for companies that maintain support for them. While analog may still be available on the market, they are not nearly as supported as IP cameras, which are the current generation of products. There will be less support for analog and more support for digital within the near future.

How long should recorders last?

How long should recorders last?

Recorders are distinctly different from security cameras regarding viability in the market. While security cameras are more often unchanging throughout their working lifespan, recorders often need replacements of internal hardware with examples like the hard drive. While the greater recording unit will last three to six years or more if kept in good condition, the hard drive will only last around three years. Such detail is important because of how viable recorders are in sales. However, such information is essential when it comes to support from a given manufacturer. As long as these devices retain the brand some value, they will still be supported. However, on occasion, it does depend on the software used in a given device.

What is discontinued software?

Put frankly; discontinued software is programming and applications that are no longer supported by the original brand. Often, such circumstances mean there is a viable replacement to replace what has been discontinued or the company is not able to replace it for any given reason. Security camera system owners should be aware of whether their software is still supported due to the protection it brings with cybersecurity and defense against malicious parties using malware or viruses. These programs are generally dependent on a given system, featuring updates throughout a generation of hardware until both the hardware and software are replaced with a new generation.

What to do when your product is discontinued?

What to do when your product is discontinued?

When it comes to security cameras and related hardware, there is little reason to panic as these devices are shown to last for years if not decades. However, both home and business owners should be relatively aware of their software. Updates in software tend to patch loopholes, flaws, and insecurities in the cyber end of a given security apparatus.

When you are looking to update your security camera system or want to build your own, A1 Security Cameras can benefit you with system design services. Have our professionals develop the perfect security camera system for your home or business that perfectly fits your needs and standards. Contact us today for more up-to-date information on each of the products under your consideration!

Jun 2nd 2022 Wayne Hahne

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