When you have multiple properties or business locations, there is little chance you can effectively be at each one on any given day. Multisite surveillance solves this issue and can be one of the most effective tools at your disposal.

Surveillance Systems for Multiple Locations

Surveillance Systems for Multiple Locations

When you have multiple properties or business locations, there is little chance you can effectively be at each one on any given day. Multisite surveillance solves this issue and can be one of the most effective tools at your disposal. The concept is straightforward, essentially with each site having security cameras that are accessible to you from one specific location or your phone. However, such a setup is both extensive and sophisticated, requiring quite a bit of equipment in order to work effectively.

When it comes to implementing multi-site surveillance, the A1 Security Cameras installation team has multiple options available for residents of Dallas Fort Worth and for customers globally.

In this article, property and business owners will learn with the A1 Security Cameras team can do for you. We discuss what equipment is required for multisite surveillance, how it can be an effective tool for overall security, the best brands we use for such an undertaking, and how to use them. After reading this, local and global customers should enjoy a basic understanding of what it takes when considering multisite surveillance.

What do I need to monitor multiple locations?

An extensive list of equipment and several necessary steps are required to attain multisite surveillance. For the best result, customers in Dallas Fort Worth and globally can enjoy our design help services to plan out what you need and where to put it. However, we have provided some of the steps below for a general idea.

Internet: The first step for multisite surveillance is ensuring each property or business location has high-speed internet access. As discussed in a past article titled “Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?” IP camera systems can function locally without the internet, as can other types of surveillance systems, but will not provide enhanced features like mobile notifications or streamed. Multisite surveillance distinctly relies upon the ability to remotely stream a given security camera system’s feeds from elsewhere and requires internet access. One of the tools A1 Security Cameras offers, free of charge, is our Bitrate Calculator. This tool allows you to calculate the needed minimum upload speed required to stream a given security camera system.

Individual Security Systems: The second step to implementing multisite surveillance is to have a traditional security camera system fully integrated into each site. This means that security cameras are mounted, the recorder is set up with the necessary equipment (mouse, monitor, and keyboard), and cabling connects the cameras to the recorder. The systems can be analog or digital, but there should be some uniformity for the best performance. While integrating an older system into multisite surveillance is possible, it requires more equipment, and enhanced performance is not guaranteed.

NVR and IP: A1 Security recommends that users implementing security camera systems with the intention of having multisite surveillance use network video recorders and IP cameras instead of analog systems. Firstly, these devices are more capable of keeping up with advancements in today's market and offer an avenue for implementing sophisticated products. Secondly, many of the best brands we will mention use software that performs better or solely functions through an NVR.

Central Monitoring Station: For most of the system brands we will mention below, those opting for multisite surveillance will need to choose a central monitoring location. In most cases, this means a converted PC with Video Management software. The software is essential, as it will be what helps the network video recorders link with the central monitoring system.

IP Address Configuration: Unfortunately, simply setting up each security camera system in the designated locations does not mean that the job is complete. Business managers and property owners will need to link their IP addresses to a specific point and configure their networks to allow the multisite surveillance system to work correctly. For those that have a Linksys router, A1 Security Cameras has produced a guide specifically for that port forwarding process. For those with regular systems and routers, we also have our guide specifically titled “Port Forwarding for IP Security Cameras and Networks.” Through this process, streaming is made possible and more advanced systems can integrate into a singular point far more seamlessly.

Advantages and disadvantages of multisite surveillance

As there are advantages and disadvantages to using security cameras, there are the same benefits and drawbacks to using multisite surveillance. While we may be a little biased, A1 Security Cameras believes anyone managing multiple properties or job sites should utilize security cames as one of the most effective tools to maintain safety, security, and more. Here are some of the best advantages you can expect from multisite surveillance.

Be Anywhere at Any Time: Let’s be honest, even if you could travel to each property or worksite on a given day, doing so is a massive hassle. Multisite surveillance allows you to be in more places at once, regardless of your location. As such, you can then improve the workflow, security, employee performance, and more with just your phone after the entire system is implemented.

Improve Overall Security: As described in our article, “Property Crime, Burglary, and Surveillance,” security camera systems play a massive role in deterring and ultimately reducing criminal activity. When combined with an alarm system and other security measures, multisite surveillance helps provide anyone in your worksite or property with a noticeably safer environment.

Insurance Pricing: Depending on the insurance provider and the type of location multisite surveillance is being implemented, you may enjoy a reduction in insurance costs. Applying to both homeowners and the different types of business insurance plans, these reductions vary depending on the provider. While not necessarily applicable to every instance, security cameras are an effective method in reducing overall cost by also providing proof of incidents that occur on-site.

Monitor Protocol and Measures: A business depends on every employee to do their job and to do it right. Multisite surveillance can help to assure a business manager of that by monitoring each area with security cameras. Not only will surveillance in the workplace encourage policy adherence, but it will also provide you with an avenue to improve individual performance and behavior with the video footage recorded.

Keep Record of Daily Events: Whether it’s crimes committed on a given work site, work conducted by staff, or business as usual, you can have a record of it through multisite surveillance. As shown through the other benefits, this can enhance your productivity and security while granting evidence for insurance or legal claims if needed. At worst, you’ll never need it, but it will encourage staff and customers to behave. At best, you have a security measure against criminal activity and can improve your business across the board.

A1 Security Cameras believes it best to have a policy of honesty when discussing security camera systems. With that in mind, as there are these and various more benefits with multisite surveillance, there will ultimately be some drawbacks. We have listed the most important few below.

Cost: As referenced through our Buying Guide for Modern Security Camera Systems and throughout our extensive online catalog, multisite surveillance is not cheap. While you can make decisions that reduce the overall cost of each system or overall, you will need to be prepared for an upfront cost that includes expenses for system design, installation, hardware, and software. More advanced examples of software typically come with a monthly cost to help manage the inflow of data coming from your multisite surveillance system and provide improvements to functionality through updates. Furthermore, if you decide to have the system managed by a third party or a member of your staff, that will also incur a monthly cost.

Deters, not Stops: Security cameras are easily an effective measure by themselves, deterring criminal activity when present in plain view. However, they do not outright prevent nor thwart crime. In essence, only security guards and other staff can fully prevent crime from happening. With that said, security cameras can be enhanced by integrating the general system with alarms, motion detectors, and turnstiles. In addition, our installers use specific unifying programs to effectively streamline the full integration of each system.

Invades Privacy: Businesses implementing multisite surveillance will ultimately need to consider the privacy of their employees when placing security cameras. Some states do have specific laws surrounding privacy, which should be understood before installation. Integration into rental properties and apartments is entirely restricted to specific standards by local and federal law. If nothing else, security cameras can also be off-putting to some people.

Where do I place security cameras for multisite surveillance?

Where to Install in your Home: Homeowners should look to attain every 100% coverage around the outside of their home. Those who own rental properties can seek the same, achieving complete property protection and having records of what the property is supposed to look like for any renter. Furthermore, a property owner can grant temporary access to any renter for an added edge in personal safety.

Best Locations for Outdoor CCTV: Outdoor surveillance needs to be implemented to enjoy the statistical advantages security cameras provide. Placement standards are different when considering rental property versus businesses and special attention should be given to where they are most effective.

Where to Install in your Business: Businesses should place security cameras in areas where normal processes go on, where customers congregate, entrances, where products or valuables are stored, and more. Due to the activity level in a given business, every spot where everyday practices are committed should be considered.

Where to Install in your Home: Homeowners should look to attain every 100% coverage around the outside of their home. Those who own rental properties can seek the same, achieving complete property protection and having records of what the property is supposed to look like for any renter. However, it should once again be mentioned that a renter does have

Best brands for multisite surveillance

When it comes to multisite surveillance, not all brands will deliver the same level of functionality and capability. Therefore, this list will include each of the brands we recommend for the broader implementation, from cheapest to most expensive. Keep in mind that while we offer each of these brands, some can only be accessed through A1 Security Cameras through direct communication due to previous agreements with the manufacturers.

LTS: LTS Security offers several affordable options for recorders and security cameras. Each LTS NVR can be connected to a given center point and integrated into a broader system through video management software. However, the owner or manager of the system will need to call each NVR address to access it for viewing.

Provision: When using Provision, a given multisite surveillance system can feature a central NVR or converted computer to port between and view from. However, a shortcoming of this option is dependent on the number of ports a given primary device provides. While Provision might be limited to some degree to how many devices it can handle, using this option provides a more advanced and streamlined avenue for multisite surveillance.

Eagle Eye: Multisite surveillance solutions using Eagle Eye are not necessarily the most expensive nor affordable, but produce an excellent option for those needing connection between multiple security camera systems. Unlike most options, Eagle Eye uses a cloud-based system for larger surveillance systems. While that incurs a monthly charge, it makes attaining security much easier.

Axis: AXIS features sophisticated devices with their own software system that effectively connects each security camera system into one multisite surveillance apparatus. While it is entirely capable of producing one of the best results on this subject, it is also one of the most expensive in terms of hardware and software.

Invisionlon: Using Invisilon presents a different option compared to the others shown on this list. Multisite surveillance under this brand will be server-based, providing enhanced support for streaming and features that come with each security camera. While the price for this type of surveillance apparatus is high, it is reflective of the many options and capabilities it provides.

What if I do not have any of these brands?

If you use any of the other brands available through A1 Security Cameras that are not featured on this list, you may still use the method that is effective with LTS Security. In this regard, you can use video management software with a given DVR or NVR and connect it to a central recorder or both into a system that allows you to call their IP addresses. While not as streamlined as the more advanced options, this solution provides you with an opportunity to remotely stream each of your systems. If your system is older, it might need an upgrade in order for you to integrate it into multisite surveillance. A1 Security Cameras has written a guide for this exact issue in our article titled “How do I Upgrade my Existing System?

When trying to figure out how to implement multisite surveillance, A1 Security Cameras can help through our Design Services. By choosing this option, you allow our experienced professionals to handle the process of designing a state-of-the-art security camera system that specifically meets your needs and standards. Through working with our experts, you can gain access to more advanced options and brands that are hard to find on the market. Our team is standing by to help you with your security camera system, contact us today for more information!

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