Ubiquiti’s New AirMax Series Support GPS Sync with AirOS firmware

Ubiquiti’s New AirMax Series Support GPS Sync with AirOS firmware

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Ubiquiti’s released new AirMax Series which Support GPS Sync in mixed‑mode networks with AirOS firmware. GPS Sync for airMAX AC APs now works with airMAX AC or airMAX M Series CPEs. GPS synchronization provides greater performance with less spectrum.

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Ubiquiti states that “GPS Sync with airMAX AC delivers over 90% higher throughput than competing synchronized systems”, and also adds “Experience stable and consistent performance with low latency and high throughput across your carrier‑class network.”

Ubiquiti's new products, RocketPrism 5AC Gen2 and PrismStation 5AC are fully compatible with new GPS Sync.

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Rocket Prism AC

Rocket® Prism access points incorporate high-performance airMAX ac and airPrism technologies for maximum performance of wireless networks in high-density areas, in both 5 and 2.4 GHz.

Prism Station AC

With a die-cast aluminum base and interchangeable antenna, the PrismStationTM AC, brings increased performance to your network using technology that isolates beam communications between your devices. Utilizing Ubiquiti's advanced airMAX® ac processor, the PrismStationTM delivers throughput speeds up to 500+ Mbps and signal ranges up to 5+ km (3+ miles).

Credits: Ubiquiti (ubnt.com)

Jan 23rd 2019 Seth Adams

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