When it comes to keeping your home, business, or anywhere else safe, chances are you will end up considering night vision cameras. While you might have needed to look for specialized devices in the past, now most security cameras are outfitted with the technology. Especially through A1 Security Cameras, it has never been easier to shop for the best options in low light and nighttime conditions.


Best Night Vision Cameras of 2022

When it comes to keeping your home, business, or anywhere else safe, chances are you will end up considering night vision cameras. While you might have needed to look for specialized devices in the past, now most security cameras are outfitted with the technology. Especially through A1 Security Cameras, it has never been easier to shop for the best options in low light and nighttime conditions.

You would then not be faulted in asking which is the best for you. Here at A1 Security Cameras, we work to answer that question with this article. Down below, you will find the best selling options we have with the technology while also providing in-depth information around each. After this article, you should understand what we can offer you in terms of night vision and a better understanding of what the technology can do for you. After reading, if you still need more information on any of these products or others that we offer, our team can quickly answer your questions through our chat bubble or when you contact us!

Which is the best night vision camera?

When shopping for surveillance with A1 Security Cameras, we make it easy to find our best-selling products through the “Sort By” and “Refine By” tools on each product page. As you can see on our Security Cameras page, there are various products to choose from, even when limiting it to “Best Selling.” For that reason, we will restrict the best night vision cameras we have available to the top five options at the time of writing in 2022.

LTS InfraRed Dome IP Camera

With a part number of CMIP7342W-28M, this night vision camera offers an effective yet affordable solution for outdoor surveillance. You can enjoy excellent video quality better than high definition at 30fps from this device day and night. Particularly effective at night, this camera features Matrix IR 2.0 technology with a range of up to 100 feet. Priced at $144.94.

LTS InfraRed Turret IP Camera

With a part number of CMIP3342W-28M, this LTS night vision camera works similarly to the first but with a more durable exterior due to its design. Through this camera that produces above high-definition quality video at 25fps day and night, you can easily peace of mind when employing it for surveillance. Priced at $181.94.

Geovision IR Dome IP Camera

With a part number of GV-TDR4703-2F, this security camera is an upgraded version of a previously popular Geovision model. Another excellent outdoor security camera option, this device produces above high definition video quality at 30fps while using Smart IR for night viewing with an effective range of around 100 feet. Priced at $146.98.

Samsung Hanwha Box IP Camera

With a part number of TNB-9000, this security camera is designed for the indoor security of larger spaces commonly found in stadiums, theaters, and similar environments. With an effective design that can produce video footage of 8K at 12fps. With autofocus, digital zoom, and more, this device also comes with effective infrared. Priced at $11,620.52.

AXIS IR Bullet IP Camera

With a part number of 01997-001, this AXIS security camera replaces two previously popular security cameras and offers several features as an effective outdoor night vision camera. Producing high definition video footage at 30 fps, this camera features AXIS’s famous Lightfinder 2.0 and Forensic WDR technology for enhanced performance in low light conditions.

As can be seen, these night vision cameras vary in price and capability, but each is an excellent option in its own right. Furthermore, we have many more options that can be considered equal to each shown here, and we implore you to look further at our list when considering night vision surveillance.

How far can a security camera see at night?

Depending on the type of device, a given night vision camera can vary wildly in range due to the diversity available on the market. However, most of the minimum and maximum distances that label each night vision camera are more of a suggestion with few exceptions. In theory, night vision in security cameras can produce the same range as it could during the day when the environment is set up correctly. A1 Security Cameras suggests strategically placing lights and using infrared illuminators when possible to achieve an extension of range. However, as a rule, the effective range for all cameras with infrared or night vision should be assumed to be around 30 feet unless otherwise stated.

There is a slight difference between older design cameras in newer ones regarding range and quality. Analog cameras can typically range from 10 to 150 meters at night, depending on the device and effectivity of the sensor. However, keep in mind the far limit of this range does depend on the camera and surrounding environment. The farther away something is from the camera; there will also be reduced quality.

Alternatively, IP cameras typically range between 10 to 200 feet, depending on the example. When considering night vision cameras based on the view, internet protocol are indeed a little more limited, but only in range and not necessarily in quality. As opposed to analog, these types of cameras are reliant on the technology within the camera while still factoring in the surrounding environment.

What can night vision cameras see?

Most night vision cameras use infrared technology, typically viewing a given environment in black and white when there is a lack of light. In essence, these cameras view the same environment as they would during the day except for the limitation of how far their infrared rays extend and if there are surrounding light sources. When strategically placed, light sources and infrared illuminators can extend the range of the camera during low light conditions. Theoretically, night vision can have a similar view as during the day, but implementing such a system is problematic and expensive.

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Why get night vision cameras?

As pointed out in another article titled “Property Crime, Burglary, and Surveillance,” security cameras have an excellent effect on deterring criminal activity and property crime. Regardless of if it is for your home, business, house of worship, or anywhere else, vulnerability increases after dark. Night vision cameras solve that problem by providing you with surveillance in low light and nighttime conditions.

In essence, the same advantages and disadvantages of security cameras also cover night vision cameras. Other than deterring crime, implementation of such devices provides benefits like:

  • Surveil surrounding scenarios and activities
  • Evidence gathering
  • Dispute resolution
  • Keep records of daily events

With these benefits, night vision cameras can quickly help you build a safer environment wherever they are installed. Especially when integrated with alarms and access control systems, surveillance can be one of the most effective tools at your disposal.

Anyone interested in achieving effective surveillance must consider night vision cameras for low light and nighttime recording. When planning out a security camera system, it is vital that you get the design right for the best possible outcome. Fortunately for you, A1 Security Cameras offers our design help services. Through this, our professionals communicate with you, get all of the necessary information, and design your own unique security camera system that will help protect your property both night and day. That way, you can make the most out of your night vision cameras before even purchasing a single piece of equipment.

Feb 20th 2022 Wayne Hahne

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