Geovision IP Security Cameras

Geovision IP Security Cameras

Alongside their in-house software, Geovision puts an incredible amount of attention and resources into the Geovision IP cameras. Compared to other brands, these security cameras do not necessarily offer anything unique but are valued due to providing higher performance which puts them in direct competition against brands like Dahua and Hikvision. Geovision IP cameras can become a formidable tool in any commercial or industrial security system when paired with a Geovision recorder, Geovision access control, and Geovision software by the same brand. Moreover, these security cameras perform exceptionally well in residential environments thanks to the support by Geovision for edge recording. Providing reputable results in education, businesses, homes, and more, purchase your Geovision IP cameras from A1 Security Cameras today!

Geovision IP Security Cameras

Unique Features of Geovision IP Cameras

While not necessarily unique in what they offer, Geovision IP cameras are widely recognized for functioning at a high enough level to compete with security cameras manufactured by the best brands in the industry. These products, therefore, have features that work a bit differently or beyond the scope of what the average security camera is able to provide, thanks to Geovision’s heavy focus on R&D. For that reason, below you will find some of the most notable features that may be found in Geovision IP cameras. 

Automated Vehicle Tracking: While LPR cameras are nothing new to the surveillance industry and network CCTV now generally includes it in each IP camera, Geovision cameras take it to a competitive level. At a base level, these security cameras quickly detect vehicles by their tags and focus on them or provide better clarity to that part of the video footage. When connected to a greater system, Geovision IP cameras with LPR technology can actively compare each detected tag to an internal database that provides the vehicle automated access or alerts the necessary users if unrecognized while also offering a way to keep a registry of incoming and outgoing vehicles. 

Deep Learning AI Response: On top of the LPR technology, Geovision IP cameras provide direct competition with Hikvision and Dahua, thanks to the software used to detect people. At face value, this system can be an effective tool to alert a business to customers or intruders, depending on the environment. However, Geovision takes it a step further by allowing for specific feature detection, matching faces to a database, recognizing particular behaviors, and more that offer the potential to truly automate a given security system beyond what is typically expected. 

Edge Recording Focus: For many homeowners, a big and expensive security camera system is not necessarily needed to protect a given home or plot of land. Geovisoin excels in this regard by uniquely focusing on edge recording. Using the internal SD card support built into each Geovision IP camera, this feature allows homeowners to avoid the high cost of system installation and additional equipment while still enjoying the advantages that come with surveillance. Moreover, the brand offers their managing software for normal computers so that even an old Microsoft or Apple can centrally manage the entire Geovision security camera system. 

Onvif Compatibility: Known for their compatibility with approved brands, Geovision IP cameras both excel at streaming on different platforms and combining with different brands of surveillance. While A1 Security Cameras does not recommend the latter, the result can produce an affordable way of achieving enhanced performance out of a given security camera system. 

How do I install my Geovision IP camera?

For a standard installation that includes a more extensive IP security camera system, installing a new Geovision camera is exceedingly simple. Cameras offered by A1 Security Cameras are primarily designed to be hardwired, with the cameras needing to be connected to a switch, recorder, or PC via an ethernet cable. The Geovision system will provide a straightforward process upon recognizing the connection or when the security camera system is established. 

In regards to connecting a Geovision IP camera that is designated to be wireless, system owners will need the camera, ethernet cables, and a running router. In short, you will need to port forward your browser, connect the designated system and camera to the router, and now just connect the camera to the applicable system via the local network. As this is a quick rundown, those needing a more comprehensive option can review the Geovision IP camera connection guide on their original site. 

How do I default my Geovision IP camera?

All Geovision security cameras feature a Default button that loads the default settings back onto the device. Hold the button for eight seconds or more and then release it. So while specialized settings will need to be readjusted after defaulting an IP camera, the owner will now have it back to the original default settings. 

How do I update my Geovision IP camera?

All Geovision IP camera updates are handled via the NVR or the PC. Through this easy process, you browse to the list of security cameras in your system, click on the IP address matching the camera that needs an update, choose configure, click the resulting Upgrade Firmware tab, and choose the most recent Geovision data package to upload into the CCTV camera. If the Geovision requires updating, owners or managers of the system will successfully initiate an update and the device will reset upon completion. 

Are Geovision cameras ONVIF compliant?

According to the brand, all IP cameras, NVR, and other applicable devices conform to ONVIF standards. For more information on ONVIF standards, read the A1 Security Cameras ONVIF guide

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