For those that work with and manage construction sites, implementing a security camera system can be wildly frustrating. Laying down infrastructure like wiring, implementing a centralized recorder, and sometimes even installing the cameras can be a massive endeavor. However, internet protocol cameras have proven time and time again to be the product of choice for surveilling:
Best Security Cameras for Construction

Best Security Cameras for Construction

For those that work with and manage construction sites, implementing a security camera system can be wildly frustrating. Laying down infrastructure like wiring, implementing a centralized recorder, and sometimes even installing the cameras can be a massive endeavor. However, IP cameras have proven time and time again to be the product of choice for surveilling:

  • Active sites
  • Equipment
  • Mixing sites
  • Trucks

By all means, internet protocol cameras have proven their worth in such environments. Being some of the most modern surveillance products on the market, these cameras feature some of the most excellent features on the market. Particularly relevant for construction sites, these features include:

  • Built-in storage
  • Cloud storage option
  • Power over ethernet
  • Remote streaming
  • Software upgrades
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Wireless functionality

As shown, this type of surveillance is capable of conveniently covering areas with sophisticated solutions. In addition, they are cameras excellently crafted by the best manufacturers in the industry, with a wide selection of designs to adapt to each environment. Whereas some that use security cameras to manage construction sites choose wireless security cameras, IP cameras simply provide more features. That specific detail is critical because, as will be explained, regular wireless cameras simply are not as capable as internet protocol cameras. Below, A1 Security Cameras has outlined several reasons why you should use these cameras on your next contract, job, or generally in your construction site.

What Security Cameras do professionals use in construction?

What Security Cameras do professionals use in construction?

Depending on the environment, professionals use multiple types of security cameras to achieve total surveillance of an area. While internet protocol cameras are a specific category of cameras, there are various designs and brands of that type that can narrow down your consideration while meeting every standard. The most popular designs of cameras include:

box cameras
ptz cameras
bullet cameras

Each of these cameras offers excellently designed features alone but is particularly effective when put together in the same security camera system. Examples of such include box cameras being customizable after installation, PTZ cameras allowing personal control, and bullet cameras featuring more durable housing and farther field of view. Popular manufacturers for each include:

lts security

These brands, and many of those available on A1 Security Cameras, present some of the best security cameras in the industry for construction sites. When looking for the best design plan to make the best out of each security camera, our team can absolutely help with our security camera system design help. For customers in the United States and globally, have a professional handle the process of planning out where your security camera goes and the best methods to get it implemented wherever you need it.

Wireless cameras vs IP cameras

Wireless and internet protocol similarly use a wireless connection for a wealth of features. When implementing either as an entirely wireless system, the burden for full functionality will be on the wireless connection and the strength thereof. However, wireless cameras do not feature as many valuable functions as an internet protocol. Assuming both are outdoor cameras; wireless devices are designed to be lightweight and convenient to place, whereas the alternative generally has a tougher exterior and more features to enjoy. Furthermore, internet protocol cameras and their respective recorders have a cellular integration option among some models. Instead of WiFi, the security camera system can use cellular data or a hotspot with an extended signal for full functionality.

Why use surveillance in construction?

With construction inevitably comes the equipment and materials needed to develop the product from start to finish. Moreover, with both comes labor needed to put them to good use and attention drawn to them any number of sources. Every year, a substantial amount of value is stolen from every type of construction sites across the world. Whether it’s mixing material, building materials, tools, equipment, or anything else found on a site, the likelihood is that there’s an example of it getting stolen. Such is the reason behind surveillance, ideally IP security cameras, on the construction site. Statistically, security cameras cut the majority of theft and property crime in half. In addition, such devices specifically allow for benefits like:

  • Allow footage review
  • Detect intruders
  • Night monitoring
  • Policy adherence
  • Tracking material delivers

Each of these benefits, and more not listed, create both a secure and efficient construction site. For example, footage review allows for an easy method to look over the previous day’s activities or focus on a specific event. It allows for the scanning of particular events, factors, or movements that may be deemed suspicious. Furthermore, it helps those managing the site to keep track of the traffic going in and out. Allowing for stricter adherence to safety protocol and that no material deliveries are being skimmed. Best of all, however, security cameras allow for the monitoring of valuables on the site.

How do you secure a construction site?

How do you secure a construction site?

On top of installing a fence, signs, lighting, and maybe hiring guards if operations are not around the clock, security cameras produce the perfect addition to an area that cannot feature a traditional security system. However, how they are implemented on the type of site, which are:

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Civil

For each construction site, security cameras can be placed around the perimeter and on internal structures. Specifically, cameras at the entrance for watching incoming traffic and over valuable materials or equipment is critical. When a project is well underway and is standing, cameras can be easily implemented internally to that structure and be excellently effective. However, it is essential that there be a hot spot with an extender or wireless router to implement a local network.

How do you surveil equipment and material?

Placement of security cameras in a construction site for materials and equipment can be an exceedingly easy process. Especially when either is stored in a shed or structure, will they be far easier to keep under constant surveillance. However, if left in the open, that is also not a problem. Wireless IP cameras need only a connection to a power source and a mount to be successfully implemented. While the power source (a transformer or plug) is included, a mount must be purchased separately. Fortunately, A1 Security Cameras has a wide selection of mounts and brackets for such devices. Furthermore, cameras need not be installed in or on a structure but can be placed on poles and fences, if necessary.

Contact us today for more information on security cameras for construction sites and more. The A1 Security Cameras team is ready to help you get the security camera system that meets all of your needs. Reach out today!

Mar 5th 2022 Wayne Hahne

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