When it comes to considering surveillance for your small business, A1 Security Cameras entirely understands that you will be looking for the most effective option affordable to you. While there are many options available on the market to choose from, our team has found that some security cameras are better than others in this regard.


Best Small Business Security Cameras of 2022

When it comes to considering surveillance for your small business, A1 Security Cameras entirely understands that you will be looking for the most effective option affordable to you. While there are many options available on the market to choose from, our team has found that some security cameras are better than others in this regard.

Down below, we have provided some of our top picks for the best small business security camera options on the market at the time of writing. Along with that, A1 Security Cameras has also included additional information that will help you enjoy a better overview of what surveillance is capable of as well as specific features each brand may provide. After reading this article, you should have a much better understanding of what surveillance can do for you and why you should choose A1 Security Cameras when considering it!

Best selling small business Security Camera offered by A1 Security Cameras

Dome Camera


Dome Camera


Dome Camera


Bullet Camera


Bullet Camera


Dome Camera


These IP cameras have proven to be some of the most popular on the market for those looking to achieve effective surveillance around their establishment. It should be noted that these devices are some of the best small business security cameras available through A1 Security Cameras. Furthermore, these devices are from the NDAA compliant lists we offer and will show down below.

What should I look for when buying a security camera for a business?

When considering the best security cameras for your business, the best small business security cameras will most often feature multiple modern functions. Business owners should consider many of the functions presented in another article titled 19 Features you Should Know Before Buying a Security Camera due to that they simply enhance the surveillance and security of a location across the board. Small business owners will most often have an average IP security camera system and therefore should consider functions like:

Display Zero Channel: Zero channel is a relatively simple concept, allowing the viewing of every channel of your security camera system with a security camera on one screen. Not only that, but this method of viewing also reduces the strain placed on bandwidth when viewing remotely through devices like computers and cellular phones.  

Motion Detection: When your security camera system is made up of an NVR and IP cameras, you can enjoy motion detection technology without having to pay an obscene amount of money. Such a capability is often present in standard network video recorders and some specially designed IP cameras. Panasonic is especially known for its Intelligent Video Motion Detection and

Setting up motion detection in your security camera system is easy. A1 Security Cameras has authored a guide to do so with titled How to Set your Security Cameras to Motion that walks you through the process!

Remote Streaming: When considering a security camera system, one minor factor can be the ability to remote stream each channel. However, something to consider is browser compatibility and how easy it is to stream it to your cellphone or off-site computer. The reason it is minor is because all popular surveillance brands build their products with the function, with consideration surrounding how easy it is to do so depending on the buyer. Each of the brands offered above allows for easy remote streaming.

How many security cameras do I need for my business?

A small business security camera system should cover the entirety of the exterior and interior with exception of rooms that have an expectation of privacy. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is unique to each individual business. From the point of view of A1 Security Cameras, a security camera system should provide 360-degree coverage around a given business and cover 100% of the interior with the exception of areas that have a reasonable expectation of privacy. In essence, as many small business security cameras as necessary. With that in mind, four to eight channel recorders are simply out of the question and a business owner should opt for sixteen and more channel recorders instead. Furthermore, purchasing a recorder for small business security cameras that have more channels than needed is not necessarily bad as it will allow for improvement in the future.

Beginners Guide to Buying Analog Security Cameras

Where Should CCTV cameras be placed in a business?

A1 Security Cameras has previously authored an article titled Best Places to Install Security Cameras for Businesses that fully outlines this subject. In this post, we outlined some of the best places our professionals place large and small business security cameras for the most effective result. In essence, these places include:


  • Entrances and exits
  • Reception areas
  • Workplaces
  • Office supply and storerooms
  • Customer interaction points
  • Warehouses
  • Loading docks
  • Secluded areas


When placed efficiently, businesses can easily enjoy a few advantages that benefit any establishment universally. These advantages include improving employee safety, reducing inventory theft, and possible insurance discounts. These are in addition to the normal benefits and drawbacks that come with surveillance.

How long do businesses keep video recordings?

How long a business keeps the video footage gathered by their security cameras depends on the size of the storage hardware in the recorder or servers. Most often, a business should plan to keep their video footage for at least a month so that crimes, bad behavior, or anything that needs further investigation can easily be caught during regular reviewals. When planning out your security camera system, A1 Security Cameras offers a free tool that can be used for reference with our Security NVR and DVR Storage Calculator. With this tool, you can easily enjoy a better idea of what to look for when considering recorders for your future small business security camera system!

Picking Your Cameras

Complimenting business alarms with surveillance

As discussed in another A1 Security article titled Property Crime, Burglary, and Surveillance, one of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your surveillance is to integrate it with alarms and other types of security. Doing so allows for any given camera to either activate alarms when the establishment is closed or begin recording when alarms are activated. When considering small business security cameras in Dallas Fort Worth, A1 Security Cameras can provide the best surveillance installation in Texas. When we install a security camera system into your home or business, we can easily integrate it with your alarm system using one of many methods at our disposal!

What is access control in a business?

Access control is one of the most effective tools a large or small business can use to secure a given location. Such devices are most effective when paired with alarms and surveillance, providing another method a company can be managed when focusing on analytics and safety. As displayed on our access control category page, you can prevent employees or customers from going where they should not. Large and small business security cameras can help with that by helping to keep a record of who goes where.

Small business security cameras and NDAA compliance

As mentioned above, the products displayed at the start of the article are all NDAA compliant. A1 Security Cameras has previously authored an NDAA Surveillance Compliance Guide that outlines all the information home and business owners will need to know about the subject. In essence, products by Chinese companies like Hikvision and Dahua are off-limits to federal entities and companies that work with them. While it will not necessarily affect businesses that do not fit that description and homeowners, it is still wise to have some understanding of the subject. Furthermore, A1 Security Cameras features multiple lists of NDAA compliant products by each of the manufacturers we provide access to!

Choose A1 Security to install your best small business security cameras!

When considering a security camera system for your business, choose A1 Security Cameras to design it. Our team offers the best surveillance design services that build a security camera system that fits your needs and expected criteria. On top of what is displayed above, we also have several more small business security cameras to choose from that will be an effective solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about each of our products and services!

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