The speed dome camera, also known as the pan tilt zoom or PTZ security camera, is a type of camera designed for 360 degrees of pan and 180 degrees of tilt coverage.

The speed dome camera, also known as the pan tilt zoom or PTZ security camera,

What is a Speed Dome Camera?

What is a Speed Dome Camera?


The speed dome camera, also known as the pan tilt zoom or PTZ security camera, is a type of camera designed for 360 degrees of pan and 180 degrees of tilt coverage. This type of device is recognized for the protective dome covering the camera itself and the range of coverage it provides after installation. It is further valued for its advanced technological capabilities that allow for speedy target focus and zooming capabilities, among others. Such features are appreciated because these cameras are used for indoor and outdoor security.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor surveillance, speed dome cameras effectively monitor small to massive areas. Due to its wide range of motion and fast movement capability, living rooms and boardrooms are ideal places this camera can be installed. Better yet, a PTZ outdoor camera can also surveil parking lots, entry halls, and wide-open fields through its zooming capabilities. Better yet, speed dome cameras are becoming widely used for streaming and newscasts. Thanks to the quality modern examples provide, these devices can be used in a wide range of environments.

What is the difference between Speed Dome Cameras and Regular Dome Cameras?

Externally, speed dome cameras and regular dome security cameras are similar to the point where they can be mistaken for each other. However, internally there is a massive difference between the two due to the technology used in both. In short, modern PTZ cameras are much more advanced than modern dome cameras. The more advanced of the two can include:

  • Auto tracking
  • Better video compression
  • Electronic image stabilization or EIS
  • Motion sensor
  • Night vision
  • Zooming capabilities

While not all of these features are included in every example, they are much more common than the alternative dome variety. Better for larger areas, the speed dome camera can be directed with a mouse or put on automatic surveillance. Unlike the dome camera, there are many examples of the PTZ camera that are not actually domes like the Axis PTZ and the Oculur PTZ. However, this description would not necessarily fit into the “speed dome camera” definition. Unless designed to view a massive expanse clearly, these cameras can be concealed in plain sight on a person’s home or in a business.

In contrast to the more advanced option, the dome camera is toned down functionally while including basic options among cameras and sharing some with the PTZ camera. These devices typically are similarly defined with a wide range of motion and critical features that may include:

  • Fixed or varifocal lens
  • Night vision
  • Tamper resistant dome

Whereas the speed dome camera is more effective in larger areas, it can be stated that the dome camera is better equipped for more confined spaces like hallways, rooms, offices, and the like. It is less common for this type of camera to feature zooming capabilities or a dynamic motion sensor. Still, it can pan on regular intervales and constantly surveil a specific area.

As mentioned above, the primary difference between the two cameras is the technology built inside each. A dome camera is meant for basic surveillance and monitoring. That is in contrast to PTZ or speed dome cameras. Furthermore, the original dome camera does not use a PTZ controller but instead works on a set viewpoint or interval.

What are the types of Dome Security Cameras?

Like other types of cameras, different dome cameras are limited to the technology that defines each. While some speed dome cameras may be included in the list, the majority are moreover based upon quality or environment with options like:

  • Coaxial CCTV
  • HD-CVI
  • HD-TVI
  • HD-SDI
  • Hybrid IP with CCTV
  • Internet protocol

Each type of camera can be boiled down to how a camera is connected to a security apparatus and quality. A coaxial CCTV dome camera, for example, will require coaxial cables and produce standard video footage. In contrast, an internet protocol dome camera can be wired or wireless and have better quality video footage.

PTZ cameras can be defined in much the same way, with the exception of having more versatility in terms of functions. The more advanced of the two also has more variety with better footage resolution and quality.

Benefits of using Speed Dome Cameras

As mentioned above, speed dome cameras are perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. In addition, these devices are durable to the elements and tampering when placed correctly. When strictly referring to the dome type PTZ cameras, there are still a wealth of benefits both home and business owners can take advantage of like the:

  • Easy handling
  • Fast target focus
  • More software options
  • Optical zoom
  • Superior quality
  • Wireless functionality

As mentioned above, a wide variety of software can be implemented into the speed dome camera that improves performance. Examples include motion tracking, thermal vision, and license plate tracking. While each of these examples is highly capable, they require a mix of added software and built-in hardware. Furthermore, many speed dome cameras are designed for wireless functionality and function with only one wire to power the camera when connected to a local network. This will typically be an internet protocol PTZ camera.

Why not buy Speed Dome Cameras?

Depending on the environment of installation, the speed dome camera can either perform incredibly or be better elsewhere. A common mistake many camera buyers make is installing a 4K PTZ camera in tight spaces when they really benefit from larger open spaces. Furthermore, these cameras are costly, primarily when used with advanced software. Such a price tag can easily be around 1,000 dollars and can amount to higher with added features or lack thereof. The final mistake made by purchasers of speed dome cameras and dome cameras is placement in direct sunlight. Perspiration causes the external dome to either fog up or build up marks, making surveillance impossible without replacing the exterior. While this can be prevented, it is A1 Security Cameras policy not to specifically install dome cameras in most outdoor environments for this reason.

Best Speed Dome Cameras in 2022

The best dome cameras and PTZ cameras available at A1 Security Cameras typically can include those made by Axis, LTS, Bosch, Oculur, and Samsung Hanwha, among others as well. These cameras are designed to perform at peak capacity throughout their lifespan and benefit the buyer with quality video footage. When it comes to preparing your own security camera system that includes dome cameras, contact our team for design help. We’ve had clients worldwide purchase security products from our site and enjoy personalized data for how best to place them. Contact us today for more information about our services, dome, or PTZ cameras!

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