The modern turnstile is perfect for enhancing security, crowd control management, access to different areas, and more. Offered by A1 Security Cameras in multiple designs, turnstiles are engineered to control the flow of foot traffic into and out of a space while allowing the directing entity to restrict who is allowed entry access.

What are turnstiles used for?

What are turnstiles used for?


What are Turnstiles used for?

The modern turnstile is perfect for enhancing security, crowd control management, access to different areas, and more. Offered by A1 Security Cameras in multiple designs, turnstiles are engineered to control the flow of foot traffic into and out of a space while allowing the directing entity to restrict who is allowed entry access. Simple by design, these systems are implemented worldwide to make life easier for consumers, security personnel, and event planners. Used in both exterior-use and interior-use, the turnstile can benefit you regardless of if it is waist-high or full height and more.

What is a Turnstile in Security?

For security purposes, the use of security turnstiles can be just as much of a physical barrier as it can be a controlled revolving door. These mechanisms can assist customer service, public transport, events with any size of crowd while easily allowing for security personnel or employees to manage foot traffic. Depending on the setting the system is installed in, the turnstile can have stainless steel, carbon steel, glass, or more in options like:

With many turnstile systems found in A1 Security Cameras selection of turnstiles, your establishment can benefit from implementing one or several. Each model presents another distinctly straightforward obstacle that can be a headache for those denied access while effortless for those allowed passage. Better yet, many turnstiles have little need, if any, for constant supervision from security personnel or employees. Ever since the first known use of turnstile at the Moscow metro, this system has enhanced the security of a location with or without security personnel. However, such older models ran off of a simple exchange of payment for entry. In comparison, newer models can function in tandem with the overall security system.

What are the Advantages of Turnstiles?

What are the Advantages of Turnstiles?

Therefore, the benefits / advantages of turnstiles in your location cannot be understated when considering that this system will make managing incoming and outgoing traffic so much easier. However, with that said, each type in the selection of turnstiles presented by A1 Security Cameras offers a distinctly unique set of advantages and disadvantages that should complement where installed.

An excellent example is provided in the full height turnstiles, which provide benefits such as:

  • Compatibility with a guard station
  • Access specified through the managing party
  • Design allowing for unmanned or remote control
  • Single direction/entry and exit turnstile designs
  • Enhances perimeter and fence line control
  • Can allow for attendance monitoring

These effective turnstiles are generally installed for military installations, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, airports, ports, stadiums, arenas, and more places that require a secure inflow of heavy foot traffic. These turnstiles are generally crafted from stainless steel or a material of equal strength while maintaining a dependable entryway that can easily be monitored and restricted if not closed quickly if necessary.

However, one of the downsides to the full height turnstiles is the sheer size and much more industrial appearance. Touchless turnstiles (or optical turnstiles) are perfect when interior application in a professional setting is necessary. Often seen in gyms, corporate lobbies, health centers, and government facilities, these turnstiles allow for:

  • Direct control of foot traffic
  • Easy monitoring of entering and exiting on the individual level
  • Unmanned
  • Can track time of entry

While not having the presence of full size turnstiles, the optical versions are meant to be used in tandem with a camera network and security personnel if necessary. Like those mentioned above and more, each turnstile has specific designs that can complement the more extensive systems upon installation.

How Do turnstiles work?

How a turnstile works depends specifically on the specific model that is put in place. While current security turnstiles have become much more technologically advanced to integrate with modern security systems, the devices are still relatively crucial yet straightforward. A turnstile in that regard is akin to a gate that unlocks through a switch mechanism, activated through an exchange, or activation by the managing party.

The swing gate turnstile, for example, is similar to the full height turnstile in function. The system spins and locks when necessary while also providing support for deliveries and the disabled. Unlike the prior two, this waist-height turnstile can easily be used in conjunction with other types of turnstiles to make travel undemanding and efficient.

Security Turnstile Integration

How Long Does it Take to go through a Turnstile?

The length of time it takes for foot traffic to move through checkpoints with turnstiles depends on the overall system's efficiency. A subway security turnstile, for instance, tends to allow for several people in a minute when each person has their ID or appropriate payment ready. On the other hand, full height turnstiles tend to take fewer people in the same period but does so far more securely. Thus, the fastest of any turnstile tends to be the subway turnstile.

What is a Tripod Turnstile

Recognized as the subway turnstile often seen in mass transit stations, amusement parks, and more. Waist-high with a three-pronged design, the mount tripod turnstile allows for management of one way traffic without constant control from security or staff. Often seen managing traffic to sporting events or transit with subway stations and city buses, this system can have a card reader, biometric device, or more easily installed.

How can Turnstiles help my Business?

As shown, security turnstiles will quickly make your establishment far more orderly and help security personnel or staff. Not only that, however, but turnstiles allow for a superior monitoring system to incoming and outgoing foot traffic. This can allow business owners a catalog of customers, easing the process of professional services and marketing campaigns like personalized experiences. Employees in that regard can more easily be managed and monitored for a far better-improved workflow inside the company or organization. Whether to get a quote, get more information, or make an order of any one of the mentioned turnstiles, contact A1 Security Cameras today!

Sep 26th 2022 Wayne Hahne

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