Motorized One-Directional Swing Gate Turnstile

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  • Motorized One-Directional Swing Gate Turnstile
  • Motorized VIP Swing Gate (One Direction) SWG-15
  • Motorized VIP Swing Gate (One Direction) SWG-15
  • Motorized VIP Swing Gate (One Direction) SWG-15
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Motorized One-Directional Swing Gate Turnstile

Motorized One Direction Swing Gates are provides an alternative to regulate pedestrian traffic. Thanks to its compact design and 90 cm arm length which is compatible with international wheelchair standards, SWG-15 is an ideal solution to provide controlled passage for VIP and physically handicapped people.

Swing Gates are applicable in shopping malls, supermarkets, fitness/wellness centers with its aesthetic and user friendly design.



Main Body: 304 - Stainless Steel ( Ops. 316 )

Arm: Aluminum


15 x 25 x 115 cm ( W x L x H )

Rotor Systems

With rotating control; arms are positioned at 90 degrees.

Rotation Control

The main movement mechanism is provided by 24V DC Motor.

Energy / Operating Voltage

110 / 220 - 240V AC 50/60 Hz (+/- %10) - 24V DC

Control Systems

All inputs are opto-coupler protected. Controlled by dry contact or grounding input. Compatiable with all access control systems that provide dry contact or grounding outputs.

Speed Control

Motor start and stop control is maintained by PWM microprocessor control sysyem

Flow Rate

30 Passage / Minutes / Normally Standard

Operating Temperature

-20° C / + 50° C



IP Rating

IP 54

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Swing Gate Turnstile Accessories

If you have special needs you can customize your entrance solution by these optional accessories. Please contact our experts, describe your needs and get more information.

Remote Control

1 Unit, working with 23V type 12V battery. 433.920MHz working frequency.


Spacebar of the central portion, optionally, glass, plexiglass, to close with dekota types of material properties are available. Ability to shorten optional intermediate pipes.

Floor Mounting Plate

Ease of modular installation with anti-skid bottom platform.
Ease of installation in difficult ground conditions.
Front and rear ramp system for easy access.

Button Control Unit

Provides remote control in security huts, security rooms. “Entry - Exit - Emergency” modes. BT-1 and BT-2 type options.

Pass / Stop Available Signals

“Pass”, “Stop” signs optionally made to the middle plate within the arm.

Disabled / Emergency Available Signals

“Disabled”, “Emergency” signs optionally made to the middle plate within the arm.

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Control/Operating Voltage115-240 V AC / 24V DC
Frequency50-60 Hz
Normal Current250 mA
Max Current850 mA
Power Consumption40 W
Main Body1.5 mm 304 Grade Stainless Stell
Passing Block90' degreec arm; Optionally "Stop","Pass",and "Disabled" signs can be added on the plexiglas inside the arm
Passing Direction ControlFree bi-direcitonal entry-exit control
Konumu AlgılamaEndüktif sensör ile duruş pozisyonu algılama
Motion ControlMain movement mechanism is provided by a 24v motor
InstallationSimple -easy installation with a special pedetal
Indıcatorsthere are two seperate warning indicators at the front and rear sides of the turnstile.(Green Arrow indicates "Passage Open "and Red Arrow indicates "Passage closed")
DimensionsW : 15 cm L :25 cm H:105 cm Arm Lenght:90 cm
Package DimensionsW:25 cm L :33 cm H:120 cm
Package Weight24 Kg
AccessoriesButon Unit,Remote Control,
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Additional Information

Access Control Type:
Turnstile Type:
Swing Gate
Optional RS-232 Control:
15 x 25 x 115 cm ( W x L x H )
Arm / Wing Length:
850 mm
One Direction
Flow Rate:
30 Passage / Minutes
Protection Code:
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