Shipping & Pricing Policy

Free Shipping Over $300

Shipping Policies

Order Processing and Shipping Time Policies

The business hours of A1 Security Cameras are between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. However, the majority of processing will be cut off after 12:00 PM CST so that the process of getting each package to its destination is not strained. Orders placed during non-business hours, holidays, or during unforeseen circumstances will be processed during the next business day.

Those that have placed an order with A1 Security Cameras will receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter. Customers should remain vigilant for this email as it will contain information about your order and will define where future emails go. If you do not find this email, please check your spam folder!

Our team ships all products during regular business hours, making every endeavor to get you your surveillance and access control products. For the best result, we ask that you grant us two business days for the processing of each transaction prior to receiving shipping and tracking information. Products that feature lead times will take longer to reach you, but we will contact you directly in such occurrences. For more information on lead times per item, contact our sales team at, send us a message through the chat bubble, or call 214-948-1300 with an extension of 411 during business hours!

Shipping Notification Policy

Customers that have purchased products from A1 Security Cameras will receive an email verifying that their order has been shipped, provided that stock is available. Coming after the purchase confirmation email, information related to shipping should be expected 24 to 48 hours after the buying process is completed. This second email will include tracking numbers, invoices, and other relevant information that helps track your package. Customers that have not received tracking information after two working days are encouraged to contact us directly through our chat bubble, call 214-948-1300 with an extension of 411, email, or fill out the service request form on our Contact Us page. We also encourage all customers to register for an A1 Security Cameras account as it is the easiest way to keep tabs on all of your transactions and information.

It should be noted that orders with incomplete or invalid shipping information may be delayed or sent to the wrong address. The A1 Security Cameras team will make every effort to contact customers when this problem occurs so we can update the information for you. Furthermore, each order that requires manual billing or shipping address verification will be delayed until the proper verification is complete.

Shipment Delivery Process Policy

A1 Security Cameras works to deliver all purchased products as quickly as possible at every opportunity. After the initial purchase is complete, customers should expect processing to take up to two business days after purchase before receiving an update on their order. If we are notified that products will take longer to prepare, we will promptly notify you. All shipping by A1 Security Cameras is conducted through UPS with delivery times ranging between two to eight business days by UPS Ground. For questions on the lead time of any item we display, please contact us by calling 214-948-1300 with an extension of 411, email us at, or message us through our chat bubble.

Signature Requirement

All orders and shipments will require a signature upon delivery if possible, with purchasing customers needing to plan accordingly. However, A1 Security Cameras can remove this requirement by individual request. Please contact us through or call 214-948-1300 with an extension of 411, with knowledge of your order number, so that we can discuss the matter further. Keep in mind that upon removing the signature requirement, the customer will be taking all responsibility for their package upon it reaching the requested destination.

International Shipping Policy

A1 Security Cameras relies on freight forwarders chosen explicitly by the customer prior to the fulfillment of any transactions in relation to international orders. All international customers are required to provide the address of their chosen freight forwarding company prior to the acceptance of payment. Due to A1 Security Cameras being based in the United States, we adhere to local and federal tax laws imposed on all packaging. However, if you have any tax exemptions, please provide us with the documentation before the exchange of funds, and the change can be made appropriately. Customers are ultimately responsible for all taxes incurred by their chosen freight forwarder and charges made by their individual banks. A1 Security Cameras will only ship any purchased products to the freight forwarder after receiving the full payment through a wire transfer.

International Shipping Payment Policy

Under no circumstances will A1 Security Cameras accept international credit cards as a mode of payment for international transactions. For such orders, we only accept payment through a wire transfer before beginning the shipping process. Repeat international customers with a reliable history of conducting business with A1 Security Cameras may eventually use a Paypal account at our discretion. International customers are ultimately responsible for charges and taxes accrued by their order. All payments for international customers must be made in full before shipping. Orders below $1000 will also be subject to a $25 shipping fee. Documentation received from the customer that may affect the price of the original order or shipping cannot be retroactively applied unless in very rare circumstances.

Shipping Pricing Policy

The cost of shipping is decided by the DIM weight of the order and any added charges applied by the shipping companies used by A1 Security Cameras. The most popular options customers can use for shipping are UPS and FedEx, with special exceptions granted for those who directly contact customer support. International customers may be subject to higher or lower charges due to their chosen freight forwarder.

Free Shipping Policy

A1 Security Cameras offers free ground shipping to customers within the continental United States for orders over $300. Unfortunately, this policy does not apply to Alaska, Hawaii, and other countries.

Shipping Charges and Freight Forwarding

First-time customers choosing to work with a freight forwarder or forwarding agent will be limited to paying through a Wire Transfer or Paypal payment with the funds being provided in full before the product is shipped. In this situation, A1 Security Cameras will not consider credit cards as a form of payment. Furthermore, we reserve the right to require any future transactions to be made in the same manner. After the first successful transaction and delivery, customers within the United States may be able to use credit cards or other means of payment if approved by A1 Security Cameras. However, international customers will be limited to a wire transfer or Paypal payment. Whether for the first transaction or for numerous, we have found that the most popular freight forwarding companies are in Florida and New York.

Rushed and Same Day Shipping Policy

A1 Security Cameras does offer expedited shipping by UPS Ground with Priority Processing with an additional fee. However, customers that choose this option should recognize that the 24 to 48 hour delivery window is not guaranteed and that there are cases where the package may require additional time to be prepared and delivered. In such cases where we are unable to fulfill orders within the expedited time frame, customers may request and negotiate for a partial refund of any additional charges paid in correlation with the reduced timespan.

Product Backorder Policy

Due to the popularity of many surveillance and access control products displayed by A1 Security Cameras, the brands we display have developed a queue system for all products on backorder. Customers ordering back-ordered products must pay the full price in order to be placed in the queue and receive the product as soon as it becomes available. If not notified before purchase, customers will be notified as quickly thereafter as possible during working hours and may decide to opt for another product in our catalog or get a refund if the expected wait time is too long.

Product Backorder Policy

Due to the popularity of many surveillance and access control products displayed by A1 Security Cameras, the brands we display have developed a queue system for all products on backorder. Customers ordering back-ordered products must pay the full price in order to be placed in the queue and receive the product as soon as it becomes available. If not notified before purchase, customers will be notified as quickly thereafter as possible during working hours and may decide to opt for another product in our catalog or get a refund if the expected wait time is too long.

Return Policy

A1 Security Cameras sets strict standards for products when it comes to customer requests for returns and refunds. Our team has authored a unique page for our return policy that customers may reference for more information on the subject. However, in essence, products eligible for return must still be factory sealed, uninstalled, in entirely new condition, and the request must be made within 30 days after the initial purchase. Further consideration may be made for customers requesting an RMA, but only after a lengthy process. Unfortunately, A1 Security Cameras cannot consider returns requested by international customers.

Lost or Damaged Shipping

A1 Security Cameras is not liable for any damages, errors, or general problems that may occur during the shipping process as we rely primarily on 3rd party shipping companies to deliver the product to each customer. All shipments may require a signature upon delivery and A1 Security Cameras DOES NOT offer insurance so your shipping costs are as low as we can make them. It is incumbent on the customer to receive and track their package upon receiving the second email detailing that their package is on its way to them. With all of that being said, A1 Security Cameras will consider a refund upon the conclusion of an investigation by all relevant parties depending on the detail of the lost or damaged shipment.

Pricing Policy

Pricing and Availability

A1 Security Camera Systems has made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of all product information and prices on this website and will not be held responsible for typographical errors including, but not limited to product prices and specifications. To the best of our knowledge, all products advertised were available and current when added to this site, however, all these products are subject to the manufacturer's availability. Please be advised that manufacturers do change prices and discontinue products as they deem fit and we are not always made aware of these changes in time to update our website to reflect this condition.

Price Increase

A1 Security Cameras makes every endeavor possible to keep every product at the most competitive and affordable price. However, high-demand products or those with advanced features may receive a price increase to match the market. For further information on each product, our sales team is happy to provide availability and additional information!

Price Match

We can honor price matches in most cases! However, please note we do not price match unauthorized resellers, marketplace (eBay, Amazon, or similar), or any vendor who does not supply support. Please check with our sales team for more information!

Price Drop

At each opportunity, A1 Security Cameras works to keep our prices fair and reasonable. Our team will mark products with discounts when applicable and work to match approved resellers’ prices. We will not change prices to match unauthorized resellers and vendors who do not provide support found with A1 Security Cameras. For more information, reach out to our sales team today!