AXIS T94K02L Indoor Recessed Mount 01155-001

Part Number: 01155-001
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  • AXIS T94K02L Indoor Recessed Mount 01155-001
  • AXIS T94K02L Indoor Recessed Mount 01155-001
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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Environmental : Indoor

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AXIS T94K02L Recessed Mount 01155-001

AXIS T94K02L Recessed Mount is designed for indoor drop ceiling installations, and is suitable for AXIS P32-V/-LV series, AXIS P33/-V/-LV series, AXIS Q35-V/-LV series network cameras. The recessed mount is applicable for indoor environments and is suitable for installation in air-handling (plenum) spaces as the enclosure is made of metal alloy with both 1/2″ (M20) and 3/4" (M25) conduit holes for protected cable routing.

Compatible Products:
  • AXIS P3214-V,AXIS P3215-V, AXIS P3224-LV, AXIS P3224-LV Mk II, AXIS P3224-V Mk II, AXIS P3225-LV
  • AXIS P3225-LV Mk II, AXIS P3225-V Mk II, AXIS P3227-LV, AXIS P3228-LV
  • AXIS P3346, AXIS P3346-V, AXIS P3354, AXIS P3364-LV
  • AXIS P3364-V, AXIS P3365-V, AXIS P3367-V, AXIS P3384-V
  • AXIS Q3504-V, AXIS Q3505-V, AXIS Q3505-V Mk II


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Accessory Type:
Mount & Bracket
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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