With over 60% of residents in the United States renting rather than owning property, and more worldwide, many renters have taken to surveillance when weighing the limited security options available.  

Should I Get a Security Camera for My Apartment?

Should I Get a Security Camera for My Apartment?

With over 60% of residents in the United States renting rather than owning property, and more worldwide, many renters have taken to surveillance when weighing the limited security options available. However, when considering security cameras for a given apartment, there are unique challenges to consider not found in homes but are similar to those found in offices. Such challenges typically include:

  • Avoid heavy physical installations
  • Cannot use as much wiring
  • Fewer areas for surveillance
  • Less or no external availability

As seen, installing apartment security cameras or general surveillance in rental property is not straightforward. Through this article, A1 Security Cameras provides residents of rental properties with what you can do with surveillance, areas that are applicable for apartment security cameras, the best options for you, and some security information surrounding the subject. Hopefully, after this post, you will enjoy enhanced knowledge about how to defend your abode when you are renting!

Can a renter install a security camera?

Straight answer, yes, a renter can install apartment security cameras into their residence or office space. However, they will not be able to do so like a homeowner or business manager with a more extensive operation can do. Simply put, renters are more restricted as to what they can do when considering surveillance.

In essence, the restrictions come from traditional security cameras needing to be secured to a given surface, which is not possible in rental residences or offices. Therefore, security camera systems will generally be wirelessly based on security cameras and related devices, not necessarily requiring equipment for installations or integration.

Those who rent homes and office spaces or buildings are not necessarily limited depending on their lease. For example, whereas apartment buildings are quite a bit more strict against heavy implementation, owners of rented homes or offices are a bit more lenient on security camera systems. However, it is equally dependent on the lease signed by both parties.

How can I make my apartment more secure?

Now then, while home renters clearly have the advantage, apartment and office renters are probably asking what they can do given that they have so many limitations. There are still excellent options available to you, especially through A1 Security Cameras. The base caveat to keep in mind is that you will not necessarily see as much capability by way of wired devices, but wireless security cameras will be your best friend.

Furthermore, while surveillance professionals will typically avoid wireless security cameras based on their vulnerabilities, they are ideal for rented property. The reason for that is simply because of the flexibility they provide. As will be shown, a given apartment security camera system in a rented space is entirely possible.

Can I install a security camera inside my apartment?

Absolutely, someone living in a rented space has the full capability of putting up their own apartment security cameras and implementing a more significant security system around them if needed. However, one installation method in a given apartment may not work for another. For example, some apartment complexes allow for the drilling of holes in their walls, whereas others do not. This makes applying more traditional and effectively designed security cameras difficult, which is why we suggest wireless security camera systems. Furthermore, a given wireless camera is limited to where an outlet is, making placement relative to where it can easily maintain an electric connection.

Can I put a security camera outside my apartment door?

Can I put a security camera outside my apartment door?

Yes, however, it does present a different challenge not found in the other cameras. Also known as video doorbells, these cameras sometimes come with a sticky adhesive used to secure it onto a door, while others require screws to be drilled into a surface. Furthermore, these cameras can feature an internal battery pack or may require a direct connection to a power source like the cameras mentioned above. Uniquely excellent when considering your options for apartment security cameras, video doorbells are some of the best simply because many apartments only have one entrance and exit through the front door. Whereas in other installations, cameras would be placed at each possible entrance, many apartments only have one.

Among some of the best video doorbell makers available through A1 Security Cameras, Axis and Nest are two of the many excellent options we offer. Lightweight and simplistic, installing cameras from these manufacturers is exceedingly simple to do, even without professional help.

Can I put a camera on my apartment balcony?

Compared to other places, the balcony is a little more tricky when you are considering adding apartment security cameras to your rented residence. Whereas you may have some form of free reign to implement at your own discretion with some limitation, the balcony is, unfortunately, where many lines will be drawn due to those in the surrounding area. In essence, it must not:

  • Invade another person’s privacy
  • Record sound
  • Break any landlord rules

While in this case, a traditional outdoor camera will do the trick, it will more specifically be an outdoor turret or dome camera due to their compact form. These devices not only grant an unassuming appearance for your neighbors but also feature 360-degree coverage. However, that is if the device is allowed to be installed in the first place.

What cameras are good for apartments?

What cameras are good for apartments?

As mentioned above, video doorbells provide an excellent and easy-to-install option for those looking to get apartment security cameras installed. However, there are several other excellent options at your disposal that will benefit any renter when installed correctly. Two, in particular, are the cloud security camera and the IP camera.

Cloud security cameras: Generally lightweight and easy to install, cloud security cameras are some of the best possible apartment security cameras a person can get. While they may have a light frame, installation for them is as simple as any wireless security camera. Their unique feature will often come in the form of their lower price and cloud storage system, which will result in an affordable monthly charge. These devices are seen as one of the fastest-growing trends for those looking for easy surveillance solutions.

IP cameras: For those looking for a state-of-the-art apartment security camera, the IP camera can be the perfect solution for any given environment, including rental properties. Highly capable, thanks to it being the most modern security camera, this type of device has proven itself to be capable for everyone that chooses it for installation. With multiple different types, wireless capability, internal storage, and more, it can easily enhance any surveillance system.

Should I use a recorder for apartment security cameras?

When not using cloud or IP cameras as your apartment security cameras, using a recorder is heavily encouraged. While it is not necessary to have one when you use cloud cameras or the internal storage component of IP cameras, it is a good bet to use a centralized storage device as the focal point for all of your video footage. Simply put, these devices provide you with further security in a given system by linking the cameras to it rather than the router itself. For an apartment security camera system that uses more than one device, A1 Security Camera recommends a wireless NVR.

How long do apartment security cameras keep footage?

Industrywide, surveillance professionals recommend each system features room for one to three months or 30 to 90 days of video footage storage. Generally, this is to retain footage of any evidence related to crimes committed or for relative insurance claims. Such a capability is entirely done through the size of the hardware within the recorder, namely the hard drive.

Often, one of the aspects of purchasing an apartment security camera system is to decide how large you want the recorder to be. A1 Security Cameras offers a free DVR and NVR storage calculator. With this, you will have full capability in deciding the full capability of your surveillance system. Keep in mind that while too big of a storage unit might be an expensive mistake, too small might not retain the necessary amount of footage.

Is living in an apartment safer than a house?

Is living in an apartment safer than a house?

While general statistics depend on where you live, living in apartments is actually more often safer than that of houses. As displayed in our deep dive about crime affecting homes, there are several aspects of a given home that tend to attract criminals and sway those inclined towards criminal activity to do so. Apartments tend to not have such signs, being much less conspicuous to someone looking to commit crimes and being just as much more generally secluded. Whereas the disadvantages of a household do not apply to an apartment, the advantages of surveillance when implemented onto a home do. For example, if a renter installed apartment security cameras into their residence, they would enjoy a 50% less likelihood of experiencing criminal activity, especially if the camera is implemented on points of entry.

Why should I purchase apartment security cameras?

While there is always a good time to consider surveillance, there is rarely ever a good time to look back and wish you had purchased apartment security cameras when it is too late. Such devices easily benefit renters by providing an edge of security when you are or are not home. Simply put, you can enjoy peace of mind wherever you live with the security you can easily install yourself.

While A1 Security Cameras will not install an apartment security camera system at the time of writing, we will advise how to do so and offer the products needed. Such services are easily offered through our design team, who are especially skilled in creating the perfect apartment security camera system and all other types of surveillance for a given location. Contact us today for more information!

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