As winter weather continues, many business and estate owners begin to wonder which surveillance systems will best stand up to inclement weather.

The three best

3 best "Severe Weather" Cameras for Surveillance

As winter weather continues, many business and estate owners begin to wonder which surveillance systems will best stand up to inclement weather. Snow, freezing rain and frigid temperatures can negatively impact security systems that are not formatted to withstand winter conditions, so it is very important to take local weather factors into account when selecting a security system for a home or business. Many of the top manufacturers offer products that meet these needs and can help keep a property safe regardless of temperature or precipitation.

To rate the effectiveness of their products, many manufacturers use the Ingress Protection (IP) enclosure rating system, which is comprised of two digits between zero (not protected) and six (fully protected). The first number represents the product's protection against solid particles like dust and the second represents the product's protection against liquids like rain water. A score of IP66 reflects a product that is completely weatherproof, while a score of IP00 is considered to have virtually no protection.

ACTi Cameras

Most outdoor dome cameras are both weather and vandal proof, but ACTi's outdoor models - TCM-7411 and TCM-7011 - take weather protection to the next level. With a rating of IP66, ACTi dome cameras can be used indoors, outdoors, during the day, at night, and in both hot and cold temperatures. The camera is extremely air-tight against dust and water particles, and can even be submerged under water for unlimited periods of time without losing functionality.

An addition to being a great camera for extreme weather, the ACTi outdoor models provide great surveillance. With 1.4 megapixel resolution, dual streaming, a wide dynamic range for video quality enhancement and two-way audio capabilities, ACTi cameras offer an extremely high level of protection without breaking the bank.

Arecont Vision Cameras

Arecont Vision designed its AV5155DN outdoor-ready IP security camera specifically to protect against vandalism and wet weather. The camera's IP66 rating and high processing speeds make it a great option for business owners who want to monitor the outdoor premises of their property, including parking lots and store entrances, as attention to detail is especially important in these areas. The camera uses a five-megapixel resolution that can capture up to nine frames a second, which allows users to see up to 15 times more detail than standard video graphics array (VGA) cameras.

The Arecont Vision AV5355PM-H includes an integrated infrared-cut filter that allows the camera to change between full color and black and white imagery depending on light levels. This model can also function well at night when it is coupled with a separate infrared light source. Arecont Vision also integrated Power over Ethernet capabilities and H.264 video compression to help reduce the product's strain on bandwidth and promote enhanced image quality.

Geovision Cameras

Geovision cold weather security cameras are a great option for those who live or work in areas of the country that get extremely cold. To achieve and maintain an IP66 rating, Geovision integrates a heater and blowing assembly into the camera's housing device that allows it to function in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. These cameras maintain their 1280 x 1024 image resolution in almost any weather condition, which allows users to benefit from crisp, clear pictures year round.

Many people who choose Geovision cameras place the equipment on cottages or second homes in the northern part of the country and use the security system to monitor the property when they are not around. Geovision utilizes a 1.3 megapixel lens, dual streaming, two-way audio capabilities and easy mobile device integration to offer one of the best products available on the market.

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