Bosch ITS-DX4020-G GPRS/GSM Digital Cellular Communicator

Brand: Bosch
Part Number: ITS-DX4020-G
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Replacement: Bosch B444-V
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  • Bosch ITS-DX4020-G GPRS/GSM Digital Cellular Communicator
  • Bosch ITS-DX4020-G GPRS/GSM Digital Cellular Communicator
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Bosch ITS-DX4020-G GPRS/GSM Digital Cellular Communicator

The ITS-DX4020-G enables two-way IP or dialed communications over a commercial GPRS/GSM network. Typical functions are event reporting to a central monitoring station and remote access to Bosch control panels.

The ITS-DX4020-G is built for a wide variety of secure commercial and industrial applications. Flexible end- to-end path supervision, the 128 bit AES encryption and anti-substitution features make ITS-DX4020-G desirable for high security and fire monitoring applications. It is capable as a stand-alone wireless path for customers cancelling PSTN service or it can be used in conjunction with another communication technology. For Fire Monitoring applications, the ITS- DX4020-G meets UL864 and NFPA72 standards for Single Communication Technology by annunciating a path failure at the Central Station within 5 minutes. For installations using a PSTN receiver, the ITS- DX4020-G can be wired to the control panel’s phone output and send Contact ID alarms over the GSM voice channel.

Key Features:

  • Secure IP communication from compatible Bosch panels to Bosch receivers
  • Remote programming of IP compatible Bosch panels
  • GSM reporting from Contact ID control panels to any PSTN receiver
  • Easy provisioning using SMS (text) or USB
  • Easy installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance
Conettix IP communication via GPRS

In addition to the GPRS security provided by the network operator, the ITS‑DX4020‑G uses our Conettix

IP protocol that supports:

  • Flexible polling intervals
  • Resistance to Denial of Service attacks
  • 128 bit AES encryption
  • Anti-replay / anti-substitution keys
Contact ID Alarm dialing via GSM

The ITS‑DX4020‑G supplies a PSTN line connection with phone voltage to the panel. The PSTN over GSM connection can be used to send primary or backup events using Contact ID. The ITS‑DX4020‑G provides a dial tone, captures the dialed number, and establishes the GSM call to a PSTN receiver in the monitoring station.

Remote programming of Bosch panels

The ITS-DX4020-G supports secure RPS programming of compatible Bosch panels. It also supports incoming voice menu calls for Easy Series panels.

Easy provisioning via SMS (text) or USB

The ITS-DX4020-G can be provisioned over USB with on-screen menu. For installers without a PC, the ITS‑DX4020‑G also supports provisioning via SMS messaging.


Note: GPRS capability requires an appropriate data plan from a cellular provider.

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