Bosch LP1-UC10E-1-US 10W Uni-directional Sound Projector

Brand: Bosch
Part Number: LP1-UC10E-1-US
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  • Bosch LP1-UC10E-1-US 10W Uni-directional Sound Projector
  • Bosch LP1-UC10E-1-US 10W Uni-directional Sound Projector
  • Bosch LP1-UC10E-1-US 10W Uni-directional Sound Projector
Technical Support Technical Support
3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Direction : Uni-directional
  • Protection Code : IP65
  • Color : White
  • Material : ABS Plastic
  • Environmental : Outdoor


Bosch LP1-UC10E-1-US 10W Uni-directional Sound Projector

The LP1‑UC10E‑1 is a powerful, 10 W sound projector intended for high quality speech and music reproduction in indoor and outdoor applications. The state‑of‑the‑art design is matched to both modern and traditional style environments. The sound projector is suitable for use in voice alarm systems.

Key Features:

  • Superb speech and music reproduction
  • Integrated connection cable
  • Ceiling or wall mounting
  • Water and dust protected to IP 65
  • EN 54‑24 certified
Superb sound quality

The use of a high‑quality driver has resulted in a very natural sound reproduction with excellent bass response.

Voice alarm loudspeaker

Voice alarm loudspeakers are specifically designed for use in buildings where performance of systems for verbal communication announcements is governed by regulations. The LP1‑UC10E‑1 is designed for use in voice alarm systems. The sound projector is pre‑wired for use with an optional line/loudspeaker supervision board external mounted. The loudspeaker has built‑in protection to secure that, in the event of a fire; damage to the loudspeaker does not result in failure of the circuit to which it is connected. In this way, system integrity is maintained; ensuring loudspeakers in other areas can still be used to inform people of the situation. The loudspeaker has a ceramic terminal block, thermal fuse and heat resistant, high- temperature wiring. The sound projector is made from high-impact self- extinguishing ABS according to class UL 94 V0, finished in white.

Quality assurance

All Bosch loudspeakers are designed to withstand operating at their rated power for 100 continuous hours in accordance with IEC 268‑5 Power Handling Capacity (PHC) standards. Bosch has also developed the Simulated Acoustical Feedback Exposure (SAFE) test to demonstrate that they can withstand two times their rated power for short durations. This ensures improved reliability under extreme conditions, leading to higher customer satisfaction, longer operating life, and lessons the chance of failure or performance deterioration.

Safety aspects

In common with all Bosch products, care is taken to meet high safety standards. All ABS parts are self‑extinguishing (according to UL 94 V 0). This sound projector complies with the relevant safety and installation regulations of EN 60065.

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