Geovision GV-NR012 GV-NVR Software for 3rd party IP cameras 12 CH 55-NR012-000

Brand: Geovision
Part Number: GV-NR012
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Geovision GV-NR012 GV-NVR Software for 3rd party IP cameras 12 CH 55-NR012-000

The GV-NVR (Network Video Recorder) records video and audio data over TCP/IP networks. With up to 32 channels of pure IP surveillance, the GV-NVR offers the same functions as GV-Series Surveillance System. With additional license, GV-NVR supports up to 32 channels of third-party IP devices. From monitoring features to video analytics as well as integration with LPR, POS/ATM and Access Control systems, it stands as one of the most comprehensive IP surveillance software in the security market.

Combined with GeoVision IP camera, the GV-NVR takes advantage of a better image quality thanks to the progressive scan technology and allows advanced video features such as Picture-In-Picture and Picture-And-Picture. Compatibility with a wide range of third party IP cameras through ONVIF and PSIA makes the GV-NVR the ultimate solution for pure IP surveillance environments.

Key Features:

  • Support for up to 32 channels
  • Support for 3rd party IP cameras through ONVIF, PSIA and RTSP protocols
  • Support for H.265 GPU and CPU decoding to achieve a higher total frame rate
  • General Video Analytics (Intrusion Alarm / Crowd Detection / Scene Change Detection / Privacy Mask / Unattended and Missing Object Detection)
  • Retail Video Analytics (People Counting)
  • Fisheye dewarping
  • Intelligent recording and playback
  • Support for Central Monitoring Station software (Center V2 / Vital Sign Monitor / Dispatch Server / Control Center / GV-GIS Geographic Information System)
  • E-Map / IO Device Control / PTZ Auto Tracking
  • Remote monitoring via Web browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Integration solution (Point-Of-Sale, EAS Integration, Access Control, License Plate Recognition, etc)
  • Support for Microsoft SQL and Access database type
  • Support for 31 languages

Note : 

  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

SKU: 55-NR012-000



All E-license have a standard lead time of 24-72 business hours. The E-license are sent off to the manufacturer for processing and once they are generated we will receive an email with them. If the 72 business hours have passed and you have not received the e-license please call the customer service department at 214-948-1300 x 411 for assistance.



Model No.Ordering Part No.DescriptionSKU No.
GV-NR001210-NR001-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-1 CH55-NR001-000
GV-NR002210-NR002-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-2 CH55-NR002-000
GV-NR004210-NR004-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-4 CH55-NR004-000
GV-NR006210-NR006-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-6 CH55-NR006-000
GV-NR008210-NR008-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-8 CH55-NR008-000
GV-NR010210-NR010-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-10 CH55-NR010-000
GV-NR012210-NR012-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-12 CH55-NR012-000
GV-NR016210-NR016-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-16 CH55-NR016-000
GV-NR018210-NR018-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-18 CH55-NR018-000
GV-NR020210-NR020-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-20 CH55-NR020-000
GV-NR022210-NR022-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-22 CH55-NR022-000
GV-NR024210-NR024-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-24 CH55-NR024-000
GV-NR026210-NR026-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-26 CH55-NR026-000
GV-NR028210-NR028-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-28 CH55-NR028-000
GV-NR030210-NR030-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-30 CH55-NR030-000
GV-NR032210-NR032-000GV-NVR for 3rd party IP cameras-32 CH55-NR032-000
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Additional Information

Alternative SKUs:
210-NR012-000 55-NR012-000 VC-GV-NVR-N12
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