Messoa SLI080-20D Infrared LED Illuminator - 20-degree Beam Pattern, 787ft range

Part Number: SLI080-20D
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  • Messoa SLI080-20D
  • Messoa SLI080-20D
  • Messoa SLI080-20D
  • Messoa SLI080-20D
  • 5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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  • Field of View (Horizontal) : 20°Field of View
  • Color : Black


Messoa SLI080-20D Infrared LED Illuminator

The illuminator also features Messoa's industry-leading EnduraLight technology, which uses a constant LED current circuit design and ultra-high-efficiency heat dissipation that grants the LEDs in this illuminator a service life of over 100,000 hours even at an operational temperature of up to 140°F. The Messoa SLI080-20D Infrared LED Illuminator also allows for the remote adjustment of IR power and sensitivity, meaning that you can adjust the amount of IR light that is cast throughout the day for optimal power savings.The Messoa SLI080-20D Infrared LED Illuminator is a high power, adjustable infrared LED illuminator that is perfect for a variety of surveillance applications such as traffic surveillance and indoor surveillance. With a moderate view angle of 20°, this illuminator allows you to reach a reasonable compromise between a narrow window of illumination, and a wide floodlighting solution. The illuminator is designed to optimize the night performance of all network and CCTV cameras in lowlight conditions. Capable of casting its illumination to a distance of up to 984 ft., this infrared illuminator is perfect for the coverage of large, open areas.

Key Features of the Messoa SLI080-20D Infrared LED Illuminator

  • 20° View Angle: Allows for a wider-range IR illumination of the area of interest
  • Long Life: The advanced EnduraLight technology that this illuminator features grants a service life of over 100,000 hours at operational temperatures of up to 140°F
  • Adjustable Diffuser: Delivers even illumination by changing the range and the intensity of the cast IR light as needed using the industry-leading LumiFlex 5-step adjustable diffuser technology
  • Remote IR Power Adjustment: Allows the adjustment of the photocell sensitivity according to the ambient lighting of the area where the illuminator is setup in
  • Shutter Synchronization: Enables the synchronization of the illuminator with the shutters of the surveillance cameras it services for high quality image acquisition
  • Expandable Connection: Supports daisy chain connections that allows for the cooperation of multiple illuminators in parallel with one another for complete coverage of the desired surveillance perimeter

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3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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