Mobotix MX-OPT-IC In-Ceiling Set - Q22/A24 & D22/D24 Security Camera

Brand: Mobotix
Part Number: MX-OPT-IC
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  • Mobotix MX-OPT-IC In-Ceiling Set - Q22/A24 & D22/D24 Security Camera
  • 2-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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2 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty


Mobotix MX-OPT-IC In-Ceiling Set

The Mobotix MX-OPT-IC In-Ceiling Set was created for in-ceiling installation of the Q22/Q24 Hemispheric or the D22/D24 IT/Sec MonoDome Camera. The mounting set hides the body of the camera and exposes only the dome cover, making it ideal for locations where a sleek design and an inconspicuous look are important. simple to set-up and install, the Mobotix MX-OPT-IC mounting set helps to conceal your camera while protecting it at the same time. Contact the experienced agents at A1 Security Camera today to find out more.

Key Features:

  • In ceiling mount for Q22 or Q24 Hemispherical cameras
  • Security screws
  • Two-year warranty
  • Stainless steel ring
  • Matte finish

Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Mount & Bracket
NDAA Compliant
2-year Manufacturer Warranty
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