Nuuo NT-TITAN-UP-01 1 Channel IP License

Brand: Nuuo
Part Number: NT-TITAN-UP-01
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NUUO NT-TITAN-UP-01 1 Channel IP License

NUUO Titan NVR is NUUO’s Linux-based open platform recording solution. It is built on Linux Foundation, with cross-platform Windows and MAC client software. It supports up to 64 channels of megapixel recording with 250 Mbps throughput. It also comes with a myriads of features that will sure to fulfill even the most demanding projects. Supports over 2300 camera models from over 100 vendors.

Stable Recording with File Ring

NUUO Titan NVR utilizes NUUO’s own innovative File Ring technology to achieve stable, constant recording performance. Engineered from scratch, the File Ring is designed to handle high megapixel recordings and guarantee data throughput bandwidth.

Revolutionary Image Fusion

No more blind spots. NUUO engineered Image Fusion Technology to manipulate camera views so changing viewing angle and size is as simple as ever. Stitch multiple camera views together to form an unified single view from up to 10 different cameras. Monitoring long corridors or hallways is easier than ever.

Centralized Viewing Experience

Equipped with NUUO Command Chain Technology, NUUO Titan NVR can easily synchronize user accounts and critical event information across multiple servers, 400 live view channels simultaneously. Enjoy management all from one single, centralized interface.



All E-license have a standard lead time of 24-72 business hours. The E-license are sent off to the manufacturer for processing and once they are generated we will receive an email with them. If the 72 business hours have passed and you have not received the e-license please call the customer service department at 214-948-1300 x 411 for assistance.

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