Pelco LB3000PS Lock Box with Power Supply

Brand: Pelco
Part Number: LB3000PS
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Pelco LB3000PS Lock Box with Power Supply

Pelco LB3000 and LB3000PS are designed for mounting to wall studs. Installation is easy: A mounting plate is attached to the wall over a standard outlet electrical box, and then the lock box is quickly fastened to the mounting plate. Cables for video and power cables are brought into the lock box through a hole in the wall. Panels with tamper-resistant screws in the top and sides of the lock box permit access for wiring.&
An integral master power supply is provided with the LB3000PS to provide 24 VAC power to cameras that are connected to the multiplexer. The power supply can handle as many as 16 cameras.& Ventilation holes in the top and bottom of the LB3000/LB3000PS allow air to circulate through the unit so heat generated by the equipment can escape.& Inside the lock box, space is provided at the top for a rack-mounted multiplexer, such as Pelco's Genex Series multiplexer. Below the multiplexer there is a shelf to place a VCR, such as Pelco's TLR3040, TLR3096, or TLR3168. Beneath the VCR is a small shelf for storage of documentation. Finally, two shelves in the bottom of the lock box permit storage of 16 video tapes each. A monitor, such as Pelco's PMC14H, can be set on top of the lock box to view surveillance activity.

Pelco LB3000 Series lock box provides a secure housing for a VCR, multiplexer, manuals, and up to 32 VCR tapes. Two keyed locks on the front door prevent unauthorized entry.

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Power Supply
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NDAA Compliant
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