Pelco PMCLNBWMT Tilt Mount for 32-inch or Larger Monitors

Brand: Pelco
Part Number: PMCLNBWMT
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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Mount Type : Tilted Wall Mount


Pelco PMCLNBWMT Tilt Mount for 32-inch or Larger Monitors

Pelco’s family of monitor mounts has been designed for use with VESA compliant monitors. Mounts for the PMCL 300/400/500 Series monitors include several wall and ceiling mounts. Three rack mounts are available for 300/400/500 Series monitors. Many of the mounts feature a unique tilt/swivel capability, which allows an LCD monitor to be swiveled 360 degrees for portrait or landscape viewing and tilted 35 degrees up or down. This tilt/swivel quality ensures the proper viewing angle in any application. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, these mounts are designed to support up to 90 pounds in any indoor installation.

The PMCL-WM and PMCL-WMT are two-piece wall mounts. One piece attaches to the rear of any monitor, and the other piece fastens to a wall. The monitor then slides into the V-shaped piece on the wall, making installation quick and easy. A setscrew secures the two sections together.

The PMCLNBWMF flat wall mount, PMCLNBWMT tilt/swivel mount, and PMCLNBWMS articulating arm wall mounts are designed for use with the LCD monitors. All of these mounts support a minimum mounting pattern of 200 x 200 mm and a weight capacity of 175 lb (79.38 kg).

The PMCL-WM1A is an articulating arm wall mount that is equipped with convenient tilt/swivel articulating arms for greater viewing flexibility. The PMCL-WM1A is designed for use with the 300/400 Series LCD, PMCL524BL, and PMCL532BL monitors.

The PMCLNBWMS is a scissor-style articulating arm wall mount offering 10 degrees of tilt. The PMCLNBWMS is designed for use with the PMCL532BL, PMCL542BL, PMCL546BL, and PMCL555BL monitors. The tilt/swivel PMCL-CMP allows an LCD monitor to be mounted from the ceiling. It is equipped with an adjustable 15- to 30-inch (38 to 76 cm) telescoping pole.

The PMCL-CM is a similar ceiling mount that does not include a pole. This mount allows a customer to purchase any length of 1.5-inch NPT threaded pipe for use in applications with higher ceilings. Both of these ceiling mounts can also be used with Pelco’s MRCA ceiling mount.

The PMCL-V200 is an adapter plate that attaches to the PMCL-WM, PMCL-WMT, PMCL-WM1A, PMCL-CM, and PMCL-CMP. This adapter plate allows the mounts to be used with the PMCL532BL larger format monitor. It also accommodates monitors with 200 x 200 mm hole patterns. There are two rack mount kits for installing monitors in standard 19-inch (48 cm) equipment racks: the PMCL-17ARM and PMCL-19ARM, which accommodate the 17-inch (43 cm) and 19-inch (48 cm) monitors, respectively. These mounts allow the monitor to tilt up or down for optimum viewing.

Key Features:

  • Articulating Arm Wall Mount
  • Fixed and Tilt Wall Mount for 300/400/500 Series Monitors
  • VESA-Compliant Wall and Ceiling Mounts
  • Rack Mounts for 300 and 400 Series LCD Monitors
  • Can Be Used with Pelco Series LCD Monitors
  • Unique Tilt/Swivel Head Design Ensures Optimum Viewing Angle
  • Easy to Install
  • Aluminum or Steel Construction
  • For Indoor Applications Only


Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Mount & Bracket
Mount Type:
Tilted Wall Mount
NDAA Compliance:
NDAA Compliant
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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