Pelco POE130-XT Single-port PoE Gigabit Extender Powered by POE190-BT injector

Brand: Pelco
Part Number: POE130-XT
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Pelco POE130-XT Single-port PoE Gigabit Extender Powered by POE190-BT injector

The POE130-XT is a single-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) Gigabit extender that is designed to meet the demanding data rate and power requirements of IP cameras with high-quality streaming video capabilities. A single PoE extender can repeat Ethernet up to 200 meters. When cascading three extenders with a PD9601G midspan injector, Ethernet and PoE can extend up to 400 meters(1640.42feet) to an IEEE802.3af device.

The POE130-XT extenders can be cascaded to reach up to 400 meters from the closest data center or network closet so you can easily install IP cameras where you need them. DC input voltage range is 46 to 57 VDC.DC input current at maximum load is 700mA at 46 VDC. Maximum total output power is 33 W with 50 W 4-pair IEEE802.3AT input and is 25K signature resistance detection output compliant.

Key Features:

  • Extend PoE Installation Range by Additional 100 Meters
  • Supports 10/100/100 Mbps Data Rates
  • Provides 802.3af Power Levels When Powered by Any 802.3at Source
  • Provides 802.3at Power Levels When Powered by PD-9601G/AC Midspans
  • Cost Effective Installation: No Need For Local Power
  • Plug and Play Installation: No Configuration Needed
  • Fully Compliant 25K Signature Resistance Detection (IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af)
  • Boost Circuit to Compensate for Wire Drops
  • Extends Ethernet up to 400 Meters(1640.42Feet) with Cascaded PoE Extender


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Accessory Type:
PoE Extender
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