Pelco SD436-PRE1 Pressurized Spectra IV SE Series Dome Clear Housing

Part Number: SD436-PRE1
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Pelco SD436-PRE1 Pressurized Spectra® IV SE Series Dome Clear Housing

Pelco's Pressurized Spectra® IV SE Series dome system provides ultimate protection of the camera optics and electronics from moisture, corrosive gases, and airborne contaminants. Domes are easily pressurized with dry nitrogen to 8 psig (55 kPa) before or after installation to stabilize the environment inside the system. Sensors strategically placed in the dome system send an “Alert″ message when changes in internal pressure, temperature, or dew point are beyond factory-set acceptable limits. The sensors also allow for instant on-screen display of internal temperature, pressure, and dew point.

The components of the Pressurized Spectra IV SE Series include an environmental pendant style back box and a lower dome designed for optimum optical clarity. All stainless steel construction provides added protection in harsh environments. The back box features a sun shroud, heater, and fan to maintain a consistent operating environment.

The back box also features built-in back box memory, an integrated passive UTP circuit, two auxiliary outputs, seven alarm inputs, and is compatible with all Spectra IV SE Series dome drives.

The lower dome features an innovative O-ring seal and a stainless steel V-band to create a reliable pressure seal. The V-band has a unique latching system with one captivated fastener making lower dome installation easy. Accessible on the lower dome trim ring are a Schrader valve for system purging and a pressure relief valve. The Pressurized Spectra IV SE Series is supplied with a prewired cable with mating connector.

The cable includes all wires for system functionality, including power, alarms, auxiliaries, coaxial video, UTP video, and serial control. Also available are pressurized back box models with fiber optic feedthrough that allow Pelco's FS85011A and third-party fiber optic transmitters to be installed inside the back box. These models include either a 9/125 μm single-mode or 62.5/125 μm multimode fiber optic cable with an ST-type connector.

Key features of Pelco SD436-PRE1

  • Pressurized to 8 psig (55 kPa)
  • Solid-State Sensors for Internal Temperature, Pressure, and Dew Point
  • On-Demand Environmental Status Display for Internal Temperature, Pressure, and Dew Point
  • On-Screen Alert Modes
  • On-Screen Programmable Menus for Pan/Tilt, Camera, and Sensor Alert Settings
  • Built-in Back Box Memory
  • Integrated Passive UTP Circuit
  • 2 Auxiliary Outputs and 7 Alarm Inputs
  • Environmental Pendant Style Back Box
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Meets NEMA Type 6P and IP67 Standards
  • Compatible with 29X and 36X Spectra® IV SE Dome Drives
  • Built-in Power Line Surge and Limited Lightning Protection
  • Fiber Optic Feedthrough Models Available


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