Raytec PSU-VAR-50W-2 Power Supply Unit

Brand: Raytec
Part Number: PSU-VAR-50W-2
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Raytec PSU-VAR-50W-2 Power Supply Unit

The VARIO series of Power Supply Units (PSU) is purpose designed to correctly power all VARIO illuminators including VARIO IP. It provides a platform for the easiest, quickest and safest wiring and installation. As a full product family, there is a PSU to power any VARIO; 20W, 50W, 100W and 150W PSU options are available. The VARIO PSU has a high quality IP66 aluminium enclosure making it suitable for all environmental conditions. With multiple outputs, installers have the ability to power multiple VARIO illuminators from a single PSU. The VARIO PSU also provides CAT5 connectivity for VARIO IP network illuminators.

Key Features:

  • 2 x VARIO 4 series
  • Input: 100-230V AC
  • Max. Output: 50W
  • Input Fuse Rating: 2.5A
  • Output Fuse Rating: 3A
  • Cat5 Connector for VARIO IP
  • Dedicated PSU to power all VARIO and VARIO IP Illuminators
  • Powers multiple illuminators from one PSU
  • 3x M16, 2x M12, IP68
  • Fast-connect wiring terminal
  • Internal illumination aid for night-time installation
  • High quality IP66 aluminium enclosure
  • Automotive blade output fuses
  • Slowblow input fuse - replaceable without disconnecting mains
  • Voltage status indicators

Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Power Supply
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