Raytec RM100-AI-50 Raymax 100 Infrared Illuminator - 50-100-degree Beam

Brand: Raytec
Part Number: RM100-AI-50
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  • Raytec RM100-AI-50 Raymax 100 Infrared Illuminator - 50-100-degree Beam
  • Raytec RM100-AI-50
  • Raytec RM100-AI-50
  • Raytec RM100-AI-50
  • 5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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Raytec RM100-AI-50 Raymax 100 Infrared Illuminator

After dark or in closed rooms, the Raytec RM100-AI-50 Infra-Red LED Illuminator lets your security cameras keep taking crisp, high-definition images to keep you safe. With a 10-year estimated product life, this illuminator is built tough with top-of-the-line surface mount LED technology and Raytec's active LED life support Cool Running system to draw heat and stress away from the lights and ensure longevity and consistent performance. Vandal-resistant protection and a polycarbonate lens can even withstand blows from bats, crowbars and gunshots.

An easy-to-use plate adjustment system lets you change the angle of the lights to illuminate irregular spaces and work around difficult camera angles. The RM100-AI-50 can adjust between 50 and 100 degrees for crisp, reliable lighting around large obstacles. Semi-covert 850 nm wavelength infrared light provides great picture quality while high-efficiency LEDs and innovative power management controls reduce operational costs and electricity bills. For large spaces, the Raytec RM100-AI-50 Infra-Red LED Illuminator has an extraordinary range of

Key Features:

  • Easily-adjustable plates let you move the lighting angle 50-100 degrees to work around irregular rooms, obstacles and camera angles
  • High-performance lighting lets you take crisp pictures with a range of even in no-light situations
  • 850 nm infrared light provides reliable, semi-covert operation with high-definition image quality
  • High-efficiency LEDs with surface mount technology and active LED life control ensure consistent operation with a long product life and low electrical bills
  • A polycarbonate lens makes the illuminator vandal resistant to blows from crowbars, bats and even gunshots

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