Sony UNI-RD7T Tinted Replacement Dome Cover 7"

Brand: Sony
Part Number: UNI-RD7T
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Sony UNI-RD7T Tinted Replacement Dome Cover 7"

The Sony UNIRD7T Tinted Replacement Capsule is a spare part of the indoor/outdoor pendant and flush mount housings designed for the 7”Dome Outdoor Cameras. Made from tinted polycarbonate, this lower dome helps conceal the direction of the camera without interfering with the camera's view.

Key Features:

  • Tinted Polycarbonate Bubble
  • For Pendant & Flush Mount Housings
  • Compatible with 7" Dome Cameras
  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use

Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Housing Enclosure
Housing Type:
Replacement Dome
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