Senstar Aimetis Symphony Standard Network Video Recorder 1-Camera Software License - SYMSVSLS

Aimetis Symphony Standard 1-camera NVR Software License

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Manufacturer:Senstar Aimetis
Product Type:Software
Accessory Type:Software

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Aimetis Symphony Standard 1-camera NVR Software License - SYMSVSLS
The Aimetis Symphony Standard 1-camera NVR Software License is a best-in-class video management software that excels in delivering intelligent IP video surveillance to modern network camera systems. It comes on a per IP camera basis and there is no software limitation on camera capacity. It offers top tier video security that includes nearly all of the professional symphony license features. An example of the unlimited and flexible nature of Aimetis core, Standard, Professional and Enterprise level Licenses can be mixed and matched on a single PC or server. It runs as a superior server to client application which is one of the most innovative, capable and effective remote clients ever produced. Everything including viewing, search, playback and export are all achieved simultaneously from a single screen.
The SYMSVSLS was actually produced as an addition to world-class video analytics first developed by Aimetis. It delivers an industry best solution to modern security camera systems of all types. Furthermore, it is created as an open-platform application in which integration with third party, leading Access Control Systems can be achieved. It is second to none, its highly malleable client software interface to in-depth functionality on every level, proving its place as the number one choice for advanced surveillance systems. The Symphony Client software further adapts to multi-screen display with no limitation on the number of display monitors. Single View, Multi-View, Carousels, Live, Playback, Search and navigation tools are configurable to user convenience for the ultimate in NVR software flexibility, thus making the Aimetis Symphony Standard 1-camera NVR Software License is a highly intelligent IP surveillance software.
Key Features of the Aimetis Symphony Standard 1-camera NVR Software License
  • ONVIF Compliance: for universal IP Camera Installation
  • Multi Monitor Support: Completely customizable Client Interface
  • Event Notification: Rule Based Settings and Event Triggers
  • Motion Detection: Advanced video Analytic Search
  • Rule Based Settings: with Alarm Reports, Notifications and Actions
  • One camera Aimetis Symphony Camera License
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Aimetis Symphony

Senstar Aimetis
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Aimetis Symphony Standard 1-camera NVR Software License Specifications
  • Open Platform: Install on standard IT hardware
  • Supports: Hundreds of cameras and encoder manufacturer models,
  • Supports: MPEG4, MJPEG, H.264,
  • Rich API for third-party system integration: Yes
  • OPC Interface: Yes
  • High camera density per server: Yes
  • Server Farm Support: Yes
  • Server Virtualization: Yes
  • Microsoft Active Directory: Yes
  • Intelligent: Yes
  • User-Friendly Interface: Yes
  • Dynamic deep linked site map: Yes
  • Alarm Log: Notification and Response
  • Event: Driven timeline
  • Display: Customizable
  • PTZ control options: Multiple
  • Support: Multi-language
  • Client: PC, PDA, Client, Web
  • Smart Search: Eliminate the need to review hours of recorded video, Pinpoint specific events in seconds by setting search parameters such as: Search by time, location, activity, Review and export qualifying snippets of video in seconds
  • Reporting: People/Vehicle Counts, Object Density/Occupancy, Traffic Flow, Alarm Counts/Time/Rule, Loitering/Dwell Time

Installation Guide (aimetis-Aimetis-Symphony-7-A1.pdf, 2,735 Kb) [Download]

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