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Senstar Aimetis

Senstar Aimetis

Senstar Aimetis is a manufacturer of the most innovative & advanced IP video surveillance management software in the world. The biggest strength of Senstar Aimetis is that it does not need customized hardware. There Senstar Aimetis NVR software utilizes an impressive video analytic engine and is one of the easiest IP NVR software to implement. A few of the key features of Senstar Aimetis that make it best: 
- Future-Proof Surveillance 
- Open IP Video Management
- Video Analytics
- Easy Licensing 

Senstar Aimetis Software for Surveillance at A1 Security Cameras

Future-Proof Surveillance: The Senstar Aimetis is currently the most future proof software solution out there. It has a migration plan for virtually any kind of equipment--be it the intelligent IP video or the simple analog CCTV.

Open IP Video Management: The biggest strength of Senstar Aimetis is that it does not need customized hardware. It simply installs on the most standard IT and security hardware and works. It supports almost every camera model and video encoding spec. Also, the fully featured API allows third party developers to integrate their solutions seamlessly with the Senstar Aimetis.

Video Analytics: Senstar Aimetis also provides in depth analysis and reporting in real time. This is made possible by a series of patented video analytic algorithms. You can easily demand and get data on people and vehicle counts, occupancy details and traffic flow. The Senstar Aimetis’s advanced video and snippet search tools further enhance and speed up the process. This helps the organization gain business intelligence, conduct security surveillance and plan business requirements more efficiently, while increasing the returns on investment and improving operations.

Easy Licensing:  The icing on the cake is that the above-mentioned features are backed by one of the simplest licensing models in the industry. You have an option to choose from three different license versions and then mix and match licenses according to your requirements.

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