Aiphone Access Control

Aiphone Access Control

As one of the most sought-after brands for home and business owners, Aiphone access control products are some of the most reliable on the market. These Aiphone telephone entry products offer a much-needed security measure by providing a key component in assessing all in-person visitors. Purchase any Aiphone access control product from A1 Security Cameras today and see how your security can be improved immediately after implementation!

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What is an Aiphone system?

A modern Aiphone access control system is internally similar to an IP security camera system, sending data digitally while providing peer-to-peer communication between the connected devices. Hardware-wise, this may appear as one or many Aiphone telephone entry or Aiphone keypad entry products connected to a central managing system. An excellent addition to security camera systems and access control, these products can be used by themselves or in addition to other systems. 

Does Aiphone have an app?

Yes, Aiphone products can be paired with an application by the same brand titled Aiphone IXG for remote access from mobile devices. The application allows product owners or managers to catch every visitor interacting with the Aiphone telephone entry system. Better yet, if you miss the notification on your phone, the application allows you to see who was at the door for later reference.

Who makes Aiphone?

Aiphone develops and manufactures its own products through multiple locations in Japan, with some manufacturing conducted in Thailand. Moreover, each product from this brand adheres to NDAA restrictions set by the United States government. This allows federal entities and companies working with the US government to use Aiphone access control. 

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Are you looking for Aiphone access control products? A1 Security Cameras has you covered with the options you need for your home or business. Purchase any of the products we have listed here and see how they can improve your security immediately after the initial installation. Better yet, residents and business owners of Dallas Fort Worth can have Aiphone access control installed by our professional installation team. Contact us today for more information!