AXIS P33-VE Network Cameras Pendant Kit (Black) 01185-001

Brand: AXIS
Part Number: 01185-001
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AXIS P33-VE Network Cameras Pendant Kit 01185-001

The Network Camera Pendant Kit from Axis Communications allows you to mount an Axis P33-VE series camera onto a ceiling. It has a 1.5" NPT/NPS threaded bracket for easy installation and comes with a weather shield.

Key Features:

  • For Axis P33-VE Series Dome Cameras
  • Compatible with 1.5" NPT and NPS Threads
  • Weather Shield Included
  • Black
Compatible products
  • AXIS M2025-LE
  • AXIS M2026-LE Mk II
  • AXIS M3044-V
  • AXIS M3044-WV
  • AXIS M3045-V
  • AXIS M3045-WV
  • AXIS M3046-V
  • AXIS M3047-P
  • AXIS M3048-P
  • AXIS M3104-L
  • AXIS M3104-LVE
  • AXIS M3105-L
  • AXIS M3105-LVE
  • AXIS M3106-L Mk II
  • AXIS M3106-LVE Mk II
  • AXIS 1.5" NPS/NPT Male Coupler
  • AXIS T91A06 Pipe Adapter 3/4-1.5"
  • AXIS T91B50 Telescopic Ceiling Mount
  • AXIS T91B51 Ceiling Mount
  • AXIS T91B52 Extension Pipe
  • AXIS T91B53 Telescopic Ceiling Mount
  • AXIS T91B62 Parapet Mount
  • AXIS T91B63 Ceiling Mount
  • AXIS T91B67 Pole Mount
  • AXIS T91D61 Wall Mount 1.5” NPS
  • AXIS T91D62 Telescopic Parapet Mount
  • AXIS T91E61 Wall Mount
  • AXIS T91H61 Wall Mount
  • AXIS T94C01U Universal Mount


Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Mount & Bracket
NDAA Compliance:
NDAA Compliant
5-year Manufacturer Warranty
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