AXIS P32-VE Clear Dome A 5pcs - 5506-121

Part Number: 5506-121
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AXIS P32-VE Clear Dome A 5506-121- 5pcs

Clear, smoked and semi-smoked domes for outdoor versions of AXIS P32 Series, available separately.

The clear dome is included with AXIS P3214-VE and AXIS P3215-VE. The semi-smoked dome is included with AXIS P3224-LVE and AXIS P3225-LVE. The smoked dome can be used for hiding the direction of the camera.

The semi-smoked dome is a lightly colored dome with less than 50% opacity.

Compatible Products:
  • AXIS P3225-LVE Mk II
  • AXIS P3225-VE Mk II
  • AXIS P3227-LVE
  • AXIS P3228-LVE
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Accessory Type:
Housing Enclosure
NDAA Compliant:
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