AXIS Surveillance Hard Drive 6TB 01859-001

Part Number: 01859-001
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AXIS Surveillance Hard Drive 6TB 01859-001

Add 6TB of extra storage to your AXIS S22 Appliance Series with Surveillance Hard Drive 6TB. Designed and tested for 24/7 video surveillance, Surveillance Hard Drive 6TB is made for ultra-high-definition continuous or event-triggered recording.

If you add Surveillance Hard Drive 6TB to an AXIS Camera Station S2224 Appliance, you also have the option of using RAID 5 technology. RAID 5 provides redundancy and protection against data loss as well as exceptionally efficient use of your storage capacity. It’s part of an affordable, end-to-end Axis solution with unbeatable reliability.

Key Features:

  • 6TB
  • End-to-end Axis quality
  • Optimized for video surveillance
  • 3-year warranty

Surveillance Hard Drive 4TB 

Surveillance Hard Drive 6TB

Type of hard drive

3.5" SATA Hard Drive

Rotational speed

5400 rpm surveillance graded

7200 rpm surveillance graded

Power consumption

5V DC ±5%; 12V DC ±10%

5V DC +6/-5%; 12V DC ±10%

Operating temperature

0 - 70° C (32 - 158 Fahrenheit)

Storage temperature

-40 - 70° C (-40 – 158 Fahrenheit)

Recommended products

S2208; S2216

S2212; S2224

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Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Hard Drives (HDD)
NDAA Compliant:
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