Bosch ACA-IC16K37-10 iCLASS 16K Wiegand Adhesive Tag (37-bit)

Brand: Bosch
Part Number: ACA-IC16K37-10
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Bosch ACA-IC16K37-10 iCLASS 16K Wiegand Adhesive Tag (37-bit)

iCLASS AdhesiveTags provide contactless smart card technology in a coin-sized, disk-shaped transponder. The tags attach to non-metallic objects, creating transition devices to use during the re-badging process. Upgrade from Wiegand, magnetic stripe or barium ferrite technologies and convert existing badges or cards into contactless proximity credentials.

A contactless adhesive tag with smart card technology programmed to Wiegand 37-bit format. It operates at 13.56MHz. It is 16K (2K Byte) with 16 application areas.

Each package contains ten tags.


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NDAA Compliant
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