Bosch B208 SDI2 8-Input Expansion Module

Part Number: B208
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Bosch B208 SDI2 8-Input Expansion Module

The B208 Octo-input Module connects to a control panel through the SDI2 bus. This module is supervised and communicates back to the control panel all point status changes. The module's expansion points operate the same as the points on the control panel.

Loop inputs: The B208 uses up to eight inputs which may be Normally Open (NO), or Normally Closed (NC) with 1kΩ EOL resistor(s) for supervision.

Wiring considerations: The module to the control panel using the PWR, A, B, COM terminals on the control panel using the screw terminal strip or the interconnect wiring connector. Use 12 AWG to 22 AWG (1.5 mm to 0.6 mm) wires from the module to the control panel.

Key Features of Bosch B208

  • Programmable input point functions
  • Easy to read switch addressing
  • 2 interconnect wiring connectors
  • Provides eight points
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Additional Information

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