Bosch B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator

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  • Bosch B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator
  • Bosch B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator
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Bosch B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator

Compatible with control panels using a standard digital dialer format. Provides end-to-end security. Allows digital dialer control panels to work over an IP network (such as LAN, WAN, or the Internet).

The B465 Conettix Universal Dual Path Communicator converts the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) digital dialer, or dry contact outputs from an intrusion/ fire control panel to an IP signal for transmission over the Ethernet or cellular network. The B465 Conettix Universal Dual Path Communicator is UL 864 10 th Edition approved per NFPA 72 version 2013. The module can use its built-in Ethernet connection, and/or an optional Conettix plug-in cellular module (B440/B441/B442/B443) to send reports to the central station receiver.

Automation programming for the supported control panel remains unchanged with the installation of the B465 module, thus simplifying the installation process This allows for a smooth transition from the PSTN realm into IP. All messages generated internally by the B465 are shown in Contact ID format at the central station.

The module can be powered from a 16.5 VAC transformer or 24 VDC power supply.

The B465 simulates dial tone and line voltages when the digital dialer has a report to send. The module simulates a PSTN connection to the central station. The module decodes the control panel's PSTN dialer report and sends the decoded reports by IP connection using Bosch's Conettix Protocol to the Conettix D6600, D6100IPv6, or D6100i Communication Gateway/Receiver (referred to as the receiver). When the receiver acknowledges receipt of the message, it sends an acknowledgement report to the module which in turn sends an acknowledgement to the connected control panel. This process maintains true end-to-end security.

The module supports Domain Name System (DNS) for central station communication. DNS provides ease of use, eliminating the need to use static IP addresses as your reporting destination, and accommodates a simple solution for central station disaster recovery.

Key features:

  • Compatible with any control panel using Contact ID, SIA, Pulse 3/1 or Pulse 4/2 communication formats (auto detecting)
  • No control panel reprogramming required to install
  • Supports Ethernet directly and optional plug-in cellular communication technologies in single, or multi-path configurations
  • Supports four configurable inputs and three configurable outputs
  • Approved for Commercial Fire/Burglary applications as sole, primary, or secondary communication path
PSTN inputs (2)

When the control panel's PSTN dialer sends a message, the module simulates a PSTN connection to the central station. The module connects to the host control panel through either one or both of the Phone Line inputs. Both Panel Line 1 and Panel Line 2 of the module run 28 VDC and support Contact ID (4 and 10 digit account codes), Pulse 3/1, Pulse 4/2, and SIA communication formats. The B465 is setup to auto detect the communication format which eliminates programming steps.

IP Communication options

The module uses the on-board Ethernet connector, and/or optional B440 Conettix Plug-in Communicator, Cellular (3G), B441 Conettix Plug-in CDMA Cellular Communicator, B442 Conettix Plug-in GPRS Cellular Communicator, or B443 Conettix Plug-in HSPA+ Cellular Communicator to communicate with a Conettix D6600, Conettix D6100i or a Conettix D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver/Gateway. Using Conettix IP communication protocol offers a secure path that includes anti-replay/anti-substitution features and provides enhanced security with up to AES 256-bit encryption.

Input power supply

The B465 uses a 16.5 VAC transformer or 24 VDC voltage for its primary power source. The approved transformers are the D1640 plug-in transformer, D1640-CA plug-in transformer, or D1640-120WI transformer. The B465 can optionally be powered from 24 VDC power source applied to the AC terminals.

On-board LED Indicators

The B465 has a total of ten on-board LEDs that indicate the module's status (SYSTEM TROUBLE, TX, RX, POWER, BATTERY, HEARTBEAT, Panel Line 1 (ACT),Panel Line 2 ( ACT), 100BASE-T and ETHERNET LINK).

B46 External Annunciator (Optional)

The B46 is an optional module that provides external module LED and sounder status when installed in a supported enclosure. The module has 3 LEDs (System Trouble, Power, and Battery) which illuminate through the B46 LED cover. The LED cover snaps into a knockout in the enclosure door. The B46 is compatible with the B10, B10R, B11, B11R, and D8103 enclosures.

Direct wire inputs

The B465 provides four on-board inputs. Each input functions independently and does not interfere with the operation of the others. The module monitors the input loops for normal, shorted, or open conditions between an input terminal and any of the input common terminals. Inputs are disabled by default so no EOL resistors are required until activated.

These four inputs on the B465 connect to dry contact outputs on the control panel and generate Contact ID reports instead of using a phone line connection/or in addition to using the control panel phone connection.

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NDAA Compliant:
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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