Bosch B810 RADION Receiver SD

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  • Bosch B810 RADION Receiver SD
  • Bosch B810 RADION Receiver SD
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Bosch B810 RADION Receiver SD

The B810 is a wireless receiver that connects RADION wireless peripherals such as the motion and specialty detectors, keyfobs, panic buttons, door window contacts, repeaters, and more, to supported Bosch control panels using the SDI2 Bus connection. The receiver supports RF communication at 433.42 MHz This frequency features improved penetration, reflection, and refraction of signal for superior range, and reliability. The receiver also features dual antennas to achieve spatial and polar diversity to further improve RF communication reliability. Enclosed within the receiver housing for higher security, the receiver is equipped with tamper protection, and detects and reports radio frequency interferences. The receiver supports supervision of wireless points (504), key fobs (1000), and repeaters (8). The receiver can be easily accessed and configured for a compatible control panel using the address switch on the back of the receiver housing. The receiver address switch provides a single-digit setting for the receiver's address, allowing for ease of installation.

The receiver uses the RADION wireless protocol which supports:

  • SDI2 bus communication
  • Tamper input processing
  • RF interference (jamming) detection and reporting
  • Signal strength and margin reporting
  • Enroll Device Database management

Key features:

  • Dual internal antennas provide spatial and polar RF signal reception for high reliability
  • Cover and wall tamper protection
  • Multiple device enrollment options as well as RF diagnostics ensure efficient and effective installation
  • Supports supervision of wireless points (504), keyfobs (1000), and repeaters (8)
  • External status LEDs


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3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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