Bosch B820 SDI2 Inovonics Interface Module

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Bosch B820 SDI2 Inovonics Interface Module

The B820 Inovonics Interface Module is a fully supervised, addressable SDI2 bus device that allows communication between Bosch control panels and an Inovonics EN4200 EchoStream Serial Receiver with EchoStream Wireless transmitters. Industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities are typical installations for the B820 module. Paired with an Inovonics EchoStream EN4200 Receiver, the B820 Inovonics Interface Module provides a wireless security solution when connected to the control panel's SDI2 bus. The B820 switch provides for simple, visual addressing.

Key Features of Bosch B820

  • Provides connectivity to Inovonics EchoStream EN4200 Serial Receiver
  • May be installed up to 1000 ft from the control panel, allowing for optimal wireless reception
  • Capacity to store any combination of point and keyfob ID's for a total of 350 wireless devices (combined types) and up to 8 repeater ID's
  • Mounts directly inside the EN4200 Receiver housing, no separate enclosure required
  • UL and CSFM Listed


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