Bosch D273 Four-Wire Smoke Detector

Part Number: D273
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  • Bosch D273 Four-Wire Smoke Detector
  • Bosch D273 Four-Wire Smoke Detector
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Bosch D273 Four-Wire Smoke Detector

These detector models use an infrared (IR) LED light source and a silicon photodiode to measure light in a chamber. A fine screen covers the chamber to deter insects and reduce dust accumulation and nuisance alarms. During a fire, smoke particles reflect light onto the photodiode. When the photodiode measurements exceed the alarm threshold, the detector signals an alarm condition. After the alarm condition clears, interrupt power at the control panel to reset the detector.

Key Features Of Bosch D273

  • 12 VDC or 24 VDC input
  • Designed for commercial or residential use
  • Four-wire application
  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) indicate the status of the chamber, power, and alarm
  • Removable terminal block to simplify wiring connections


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Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Smoke Detector
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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