Bosch DS9371 TriTech Ceiling 360 Degree Motion Detector

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Bosch DS9371 TriTech Ceiling 360 Degree Motion Detector

Each DS9370 Series TriTech PIR/Microwave Motion Detector model is panoramic and uses several patented processing techniques to provide excellent catch performance with freedom from false alarms. Each model can be mounted on ceilings as high as 7.6 m (25 ft). With three separate PIR sections that are fully adjustable, the DS9370 Series provides coverage integrity at all mounting heights, plus the ability to customize the coverage for specific areas.

Key features:

  • Provides PIR and microwave,
  • 360° x 21 m (70 ft) diameter coverage
  • 2.4 m to 7.6 m (8 ft to 25 ft) mounting height.
  • 10.52 to 10.55 GHz <20mW.
  • Black enclosure and lenses.
  • Fully adjustable optics for coverage integrity and customization
  • Hinged chassis and base plate for easy installation
  • High efficiency LED and light pipe system for easy walk testing
  • First Step processing, or FSP
Signal Processing

Uses passive infrared and microwave technologies to provide an alarm condition when both fields of protection are simultaneously activated. Alarm signals must meet the signaling requirements of both technologies to activate an alarm.

First Step Processing

FSP allows virtually instant response to human targets without sacrificing false alarm immunity to other sources. By adjusting its sensitivity based upon signal amplitude, polarity, slope and timing, FSP eliminates the need for the installer to select the sensitivity level for the application. Each sensor is processed individually and both must agree there is an alarm before the alarm relay is activated.

Microwave Signal Processing

Adaptive processing adjusts to background disturbances. This helps to reduce false alarms while maintaining catch performance.

Microwave Supervision

Patented fully supervised microwave provides single technology coverage in the event the microwave subsystem fails.

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