Bosch EN1262 PIR Motion Sensor Transmitter - Pet friendly

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Bosch EN1262 PIR Motion Sensor Transmitter - Pet friendly

The EN1262 PIR Motion‑Sensor Transmitter is appropriate for low‑traffic commercial applications. Advanced signal processing recognizes human signature size and movement, providing excellent catch performance and unsurpassed false alarm immunity. Pet immunity reduces false alarms caused by animals.

Provides 12 m x 12 m (40 ft x 40 ft) coverage. Includes cover tamper, optional wall tamper, and battery.

The Inovonics EchoStream platform, powered by Inovonics wireless mesh network technology, ensures superior range, reliability, and scalability for commercial applications. Using a wide range of transmitters and repeaters, this proven technology provides flexibility and performance to meet the most stringent requirements. This exclusive protocol is available only on Inovonics EchoStream products.

The Inovonics EchoStream platform sends redundant information on several multi-frequency channels within the FCC Part 15 900 MHz band, providing superior range and reliability. In comparison, systems that use a single frequency technology can only send information on one narrow band channel. Any interference within the band can cause missed signals. With wireless registration, it is easy to add this technology to any application.

The sensor distinguishes signals caused by humans from signals caused by one or two animals with a combined total weight of 13.6 kg (30 lb), reducing false alarms.

The cover tamper switch notifies the system when an intruder attempts to remove the sensor cover.

Optional Wall Tamper: The wall tamper switch provides increased security and is ideal for high-end residential applications. The wall tamper switch notifies the system when the sensor is removed from its mounted surface.

Supervision: The cover tamper, wall tamper, and battery activity are supervised. Monitoring helps ensure reliable operation.

Mounting Height and Coverage Patterns: Mount the sensor‑transmitter at a height between 2.1 m and 2.7 m (7 ft to 9 ft).

Key Features:

  • 12 m x 12 m (40 ft x 40 ft) coverage
  • Automatic supervision of radio link
  • Pet immunity
  • Includes cover tamper and optional wall tamper
  • Highly sensitive to moving infrared radiation
  • Exclusive wireless protocol ensures maximum performance and reliability
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