Bosch FCA-500 Conventional Automatic Fire Detector Base

Brand: Bosch
Part Number: FCA-500
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Bosch FCA-500 Conventional Automatic Fire Detector Base

FCP-500 Conventional Automatic Fire Detectors satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements owing to their flat design, which offers flush ceiling mounting and the option of color matching. The FCP-500 is available as a scattered light smoke detector or as a multi-sensor detector with an additional gas sensor. The respective versions of the detectors are available in white or transparent with color inserts.

The smooth, flush-installation surface means the detectors can be installed in areas with high aesthetic requirements. In addition, the detectors are suitable for areas with heightened dust exposure. The detectors and trim rings in the "transparent with color inserts" version are supplied complete with reversible printed color ring sets, offering a choice of 16 colors for individual color matching.

Key features:

  • Conventional Base for FCP 500 series detectors
  • Modern, ultra-flat design
  • Matches the surrounding decor by using color toning inserts
  • Smooth, easily-cleaned detector surface
  • Innovative fastening mechanism
  • High reliability
Sensor technology and signal processing

All detectors in the FCP-500 series are equipped with two optical sensors and a pollution sensor. The FCP-OC 500 multisensor detector contains a gas sensor as an additional detection channel. All sensor signals are constantly analyzed by the internal signal evaluation electronics and are linked with each other through algorithms. By linking the optical sensors and the gas sensor, the OC detector can also be used in places where the work carried out gives rise to small amounts of smoke, steam or dust. The alarm will only be triggered automatically if the signal combination corresponds with the detector’s characteristic diagram. Consequently, a very high reliability against false alarms is obtained.

Chemical sensor (CO gas sensor)

The gas sensor (4) detects mainly the carbon monoxide (CO) that is produced by a fire, but it also detects hydrogen (H) and nitrogen monoxide (NO). The basic measuring principle is CO oxidation on an electrode and the measurable current that arises from this. The sensor signal value is proportional to the concentration of gas. The gas sensor delivers additional information to effectively suppress deceptive values. Depending on the service life of the gas sensor, the FCP-OC 500 detector switches off the C sensors after five years of operation. The detector will continue to function as an O detector. The detector should then be exchanged immediately in order to be able to keep using the higher reliability of detection of the OC detector.

Pollution sensor

The contamination level on the detector surface is continually measured by the pollution sensor (6); the result is evaluated and indicated. Contamination of the detector surface leads to active adaptation of the threshold value (closed-circuit value correction).

Further performance characteristics

Various operating states are indicated on the detector by means of a clearly visible two-color LED. In the event of an alarm, the LED flashes red.

The innovative detector locking, which operates on the ballpoint-pen principle, provides fast and simple insertion and replacement of the detector. We recommend the specially developed FAA-500-RTL exchanger device, especially in the case of high installation heights. To allow convenient detector testing, the FAA-500-TTL test adapter with magnet and additional service accessories is available.


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