Bosch GCS24-CR Red Strobe Unit

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  • Color : Red


Bosch GCS24-CR Red Strobe Unit

The Commander4 Series Ceiling-mount Strobes and Horn Strobe combinations offer dependable audible and visual alarms, low current draw, and a minimum flash rate of 1 Hz regardless of the input voltage. These models offer field-selectable options of 15 cd, 30 cd, 75 cd, 95 cd, 115 cd, and 150 cd. The horns provide a selection of high or low dBA and a selection of 2400 Hz (remote signaling) or a low frequency broad band from 1500 Hz to 3000 Hz mechanical sounding (evacuation) tone where doors could be a problem. These models are easily field-changeable from Temporal Code 3 to a continuous tone. These devices come standard with a 4 in. (10.2 cm) mounting plate, and incorporate the popular SuperSlide feature that allows you to easily test for supervision.

Key Features of Bosch GCS24-CR

  • Field-selectable candela options (15 cd, 30 cd, 75 cd, 95 cd, and 115 cd)
  • Separate horn and strobe functions; silence horn while strobes remain flashing
  • Strobe, horn, or both can be synchronized using the AVS Series Synchronization Modules
  • Silence horn while strobes remain flashing
  • Switch selection for high or low dBA, high or low frequency, and for Temporal Code 3, Chime, or Whoop tones
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