Bosch ISC-SK10 Shock Sensor

Brand: Bosch
Part Number: ISC-SK10
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Bosch ISC-SK10 Shock Sensor

The ISC-SK10 is an advanced shock sensor designed for monitoring and detecting mechanical attacks. A unique feature of the ISC-SK10 is Self-learning mode. During installation, Self-learning mode uses the sensor’s LED behavior as a guide for configuring the sensitivity level.

Install the sensor indoors on a flat surface.

Key features:

  • Intelligent 3-axis vibration detection
  • Self-learning mode
  • Dual-color LED indicator
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Slim design for easy installation
Self-learning mode

During Self-learning mode, the sensor records and analyzes simulated vibration data within a 3 minute interval. Based on the simulated data, the sensor provides assistance for setting a suitable sensitivity level for the installation.

Adjustable sensitivity

Desired sensitivity is achieved by selecting any of four sensitivity level switches, and fine sensitivity adjustment using the potentiometer.

Dual-color LED indicator

The green LED indicates vibration, and the red LED indicates alarms. In Self-learning mode, recommended sensitivity level settings are indicated by LED behavior.

Drilling and saw detection enable

Depending on the installation, sensitivity is configurable to detect drilling, sawing, or similar type of vibration.


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