Bosch MIC-67SUNSHLD 3-Part Molded Sunshield for MIC7000 Camera (White)

Brand: Bosch
Part Number: MIC-67SUNSHLD
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  • Color : White


Bosch MIC-67SUNSHLD 3-Part Molded Sunshield for MIC7000 Camera (White)

Bosch Security Systems offers a range of mounting brackets and accessory products for the MIC family of cameras. The mounting brackets (for corner, wall, and pole mounting) are available in the standard colors of the MIC family, including stainless steel. (Not all colors of mounting brackets are available for all models of MIC cameras.) The accessories have been designed to work seamlessly with MIC cameras to extend their functionality for your application. This datasheet provides an overview of the available MIC accessories.

Key Features:

  • Provides additional protection for the MIC camera from direct solar radiation, particularly in sunny climates.
  • Creates an insulating gap between the environment and the camera surface
  • Includes one shell designed to fit around an installed illuminator accessory.

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Housing Enclosure
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