Bosch MVS-MW Monitor Wall License (e-license)

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Bosch MVS-MW Monitor Wall License

Digital software solution to view many cameras on state-of-the-art monitor screens (e-license).

Monitor Wall is the easiest way to view many cameras on state-of-the-art monitor walls. They are the modernday replacement for the familiar rows of analog CRT CCTV monitors and they bring very specific benefits. Because Monitor Wall is a digital software solution, it is not constrained by analog monitor dimensions. Instead it will easily drive the most massive to the tiniest displays, including flat panel plasma displays that are becoming so popular in both Network and Security Operations Centers. All the video is delivered by the high performance Bosch IP cameras and encoders, both MPEG‑4 and H.264 and of course SD and HD.

Monitor Wall can be used in combination with Bosch VMS or Video Client to enhance display capabilities especially for large control centers. Used with VRM Server, which allows centralized management and control, an administrator is able to define user groups and associated privileges which is the basis for client access to live viewing, PTZ control, recording and retrieval, and eventual presentation on the Bosch Monitor Wall.

Together with the powerful video management software tools it is ideally suited for CCTV applications of any scale. Depending on the performance of the PC and its graphic adapter, Monitor Wall can run a single or dual screen with different screen layouts, reaching from full screen to 5x5 or 6x5 view on both screens, depending on screen aspect ratio. The screen layout can be switched manually or automated by the management system or client if e.g. an alarm scenario requires a different view.

Key features:

  • View multiple live cameras on large screens in your surveillance center
  • Multi-channel decoder with single or dual-screen
  • Configurable window layout
  • Compatible with Bosch Video Management System and Bosch Video Client
  • Compatible with all Bosch IP cameras and encoders
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