Bosch NDA-U-PA2 Surveillance Cabinet 230VAC

Part Number: NDA-U-PA2
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Bosch NDA-U-PA2 Surveillance Cabinet 230VAC

The modular camera mounts & accessories are a family of mounts, mounting adapters, pendant interface plates and surveillance cabinets which can be used with a wide range of Bosch cameras. The accessories are easy to install and can be combined to simplify installation in multiple locations whilst retaining the same look and feel.

Bosch surveillance cabinets are designed to meet the power and electrical safety requirements for cameras used in outdoor security applications. The surveillance cabinets provide a power supply for situations without PoE. The NDA-U-PA1 includes a transformer with 230 VAC input and 24 VAC output, to power the cameras rated up to 100 W with surge protection.

Fiber optic kits: The VG4-SFPSCKT fiber optic kit is a unique media converter module for use with the surveillance cabinet. This media converter is designed to accept a wide range of 10/100 Mbps Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) modules for use with Multimode or Singlemode fiber with LC or SC connectors. The media converter module and SFP module can be installed directly into the surveillance cabinet to provide an integrated fiber optic solution.

This accessory comes ready for installation to a wall or ceiling. To adapt it to be mounted to a pole or corner, the following accessories must be used with:

  • NDA-U-PMAL Pole mount adapter large
  • NDA-U-CMT Corner mount adapter

This accessory allows easy, direct installation of the following mounts:

  • NDA-U-WMT Pendant wall mount
  • NDA-U-PMT Pendant ceiling mount

Key features:

  • Complete power supply and connectivity solution suitable for outdoor use
  • 230 VAC Input
  • 24 VAC Output
  • Built-in surge protection to enhance system reliability
  • Seamlessly integrates within the camera mount eliminating the need for a separate junction box
  • Modular design for fast and easy installation
  • IK66, IK10
  • Aluminum Alloy
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Additional Information

NDAA Compliant:
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