Bosch PLN-24CH12 24V Battery Charger

Brand: Bosch
Part Number: PLN-24CH12
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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Color : Black
  • Environmental : Indoor
  • Number of Supported Cameras : 24
  • Output Voltage : 24VDC 48VDC
  • Input Current : 2A


Bosch PLN-24CH12 24V Battery Charger

The PLN‑24CH12 and PRS‑48CH12 Battery Chargers are designed for public address and emergency sound systems, to assure that the system batteries are always charged. Rack mountable, the unit charges lead‑acid batteries and simultaneously provides 24 V or 48 V for system components that use 24 V or 48 V exclusively. These chargers are fully compliant and certified to EN 54‑4. The battery chargers are premium quality, intelligent, microprocessor controlled devices.

The maximum charger current is 12 A for charging the battery. The maximum battery capacity, according to EN 54‑4, is therefore 225 Ah, minimum size is 86 Ah. The maximum output of the back‑up power system is 150 A.

The charger has an input voltage range of 195 V to 264 V, and a power factor corrector. The charger features automatic shutoff when the battery voltage is too low, to prevent battery damage. It also features over‑voltage protection, protection against wrong battery polarity and short‑circuit protection. The outputs are protected by fuses. The power supply takes a resistance measurement of the battery including connections every 4 hours.

The charger comes with a temperature sensor that is used to adjust the charging voltages. The charger has additional 24 V or 48 V (depending on model) auxiliary outputs, to supply power to equipment that needs 24 V or 48 V as primary power. The current capacity of these outputs is 5 A per output.

The charger has relay outputs to signal a mains fault, battery fault and charger output voltage fault.

Battery charger for charging 24 V lead-acid batteries and simultaneously providing 24 VDC, fully protected and supervised, rack unit 2 RU.

Key features:

  • Input current (PLN‑24CH12): 2 A
  • Power consumption (PLN‑24CH12): 380 W maximum
  • 19" wide, 2U high
  • 195 to 264 VAC, 50 to 60Hz
  • 24V

Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Power Supply
Input Current:
Manufacturer Website:
Max Power Consumption:
380 Watts
Number of Supported Cameras:
Output Voltage:
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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