Bosch VGA-BUBBLE-PCLR Clear Rugged Bubble for a Pendant Housing

Brand: Bosch
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Bosch VGA-BUBBLE-PCLR Clear Rugged Bubble for a Pendant Housing

The AUTODOME Series cameras represent the latest advancements in video surveillance technology. The cameras ship fully assembled in a pendant or an in- ceiling housing.

Bosch offers a host of mounts, power supplier boxes, and accessories so you can tailor your installation for a variety of applications and environments. These items are sold separately so you purchase only the items you need; saving you money and simplifying purchases.

Bosch offers a range of bubbles for in-ceiling and pendant housings. AUTODOME impact-resistant rugged polycarbonate bubbles protect your camera from vandalism. Designed to meet stringent strength standards without compromising optical clarity, rugged bubbles can withstand impacts equivalent to a 10 pound (4.5 kilograms) weight dropped from a height of 10 feet (3 meters).

AUTODOME low-impact, high-resolution acrylic bubbles offer enhanced image clarity. Both the rugged polycarbonate and the high-resolution acrylic bubbles are available in clear or tinted versions.

The clear bubble offers maximum sensitivity by allowing as much light through as possible. The tinted bubbles offer covertness by making it difficult to see the direction the camera is looking from the outside.

Key Features:

  • Impact resistant polycarbonate bubble
  • Clear rugged

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Housing Enclosure
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